Mining/Salvage drones to obey the "focus" fire button


I would like a change to the way salvage drones obey the drone presents in their window. These are focus, passive and aggressive.

This will impact those who have multiple wrecks and multiple drones. Especially where all salvage drones will focus on one nearest wreck, when there are thousands to salvage.

My suggestion is, shouldn’t salvage drone also obey the focus or not focus button, just like other drones?

Current workarounds:

  1. Orbit something so the nearest wreck changes to a different one.
  2. Target and select each drone and each wreck separately
  3. Fly off because you don’t salvage wrecks!

Please make the salvage drone obey “focus” or not focus.

PS. I don’t know how aggressive/passive would work with mining/salvage drones.
PPS. I think the mining drones do the same but I have not tried.

Thanks for listening.


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Currently to avoid this I use an MTU and just auto target objects while throwing drones one at a target.

Mining drones do not change targets on their own. Only salvage drones do and they are useful in doing such auto.

The drones DO obey the use of the focus setting. That’s why you see all 2-5 salvage drones salvage the same wreck. That being said, the “closest first” behavior is likely because they’re intended to be paired with the parent ship also using Tractors to pull wrecks closer. So even if you dont have focus checked, they’re going to salvage the same wreck anyways because it’s the closest one to you. Beyond that, focus/dont focus is only relevant with combat drones.

I use an MTU too, see current workarounds.

So do you second CCP to make all drones equal? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But they don’t obey the unfocussed fire. As the “focus” button has two settings. Focussed and Unfocused.

I would prefer to have the choice.

Sit and let unfocused salvage drones, salvage from uniques wrecks. - and not the closest one.

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target 5 random points furthest away from you, send drones to each, launch MTU, anytime one comes back you find one that isn’t being salvaged.

They do. Salvage drone behavior is to choose whichever wreck is the closest to you, regardless of everything else.

And that’s why I want it changed. Currently, salvage drones do not obey the focus/unfocused button. This is a feature I am requesting in this feature request forum.

Imagine, the ease of salvaging if each salvage drone would select a different wreck?

Currently, when you ask 5 drones to salvage, no wrecks selected, focus pressed or not, they behave like this:

wreck one = 0 drone out of five salvaging
nearest is wreck two = 5 drones out of five salvaging
wreck three = 0 drone out of five salvaging
wreck four = 0 drone out of five salvaging
wreck five = 0 drone out of five salvaging

What if they behaved live this?
wreck one = 1 drone out of five salvaging
wreck two = 1 drones out of five salvaging
wreck three = 1 drone out of five salvaging
wreck four = 1 drone out of five salvaging
wreck five = 0 drone out of five salvaging
wreck six = 0 drone out of five salvaging
wreck seven = 0 drones out of five salvaging
wreck eight = 0 drone out of five salvaging
wreck nine = 0 drone out of five salvaging
wreck ten = 0 drone out of five salvaging

NB: there is a mechanic, that when salvage drones are in space, with no wrecks selected, pressing F will start them automatically salvaging.

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If you want speed you manually issue orders which you should have plenty of time to do while salvaging instead of fighting.

If you want auto they will do whatever they can.

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Thank you, I know about manually targeting each wreck. I see that you are very helpful on these forums.

But this is a feature request forum. Although I probably need your help playing the game, this is not that forum.

This feature is something new that will take time to implement.

What I am saying is that A.I for salvage drones are broken, and does not follow the meta of all drones.

I want to release salvage drones press F, and watch multiple wrecks disappear.
No locking, no micro manegment.

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You’re missing the point of all the responses to this thread. Focus works as intended. It works literally the same way as every other drone. It toggles whether the target selection AI runs as 1 process instead of 5 separate processes. Instead of making a suggestion that’s already fully functional and already 100% implemented, make a better suggestion.

Even better - don’t salvage at all.

Considering I was using drones for salvaging for months they follow the A.I. perfectly.

What you want is speedy self dispersing drones which would only function on manual targeting.

Thank the Sisters that CCP doesn’t listen to people like yourself.

This is a great QoL improvement they could make (and continually do make) for players. I imagine you (if you were around) spoke negatively about any ideas regarding something like an MTU being put in the game prior to their introduction.

There’s no reason Salvage drones shouldn’t obey the ‘Focus’ toggle. In fact, they ought to default to non-focused behavior by default.

It would be much more efficient to have salvage drones choose wrecks which are not already being salvaged by another drone, and certainly less of a hassle in trying to manually direct each individual drone to their own separate wrecks over and over.

Not to mention it would just be cooler to see your drones doing something so smart.

Jeeze Louise, Google just demonstrated their Duplex A.I. Eve Online takes place thousands of years in the future! Oh how humanity has fallen in our technological prowess by then?

This is not a QoL improvement. MTU was a method to directly make salvage easier for you. This is not enough for you. You want salvage to automatically fly into your hangar at maximum speed next. Not to mention the MTU was the solution to your problem in the first place which was already mentioned.

"Years ago the Gallente wera doing research on strong AI and drone technology. The developed drones rose against their makers and escaped on captured ships. Within a decade the rogue drones had spread out to whole New Eden cluster.

In YC 109 previously sealed stargates suddenly reactivated. The stargates opened pathways to what are now know as “drone regions”. These regions were completely colonized by escaped rogue drones."

This is whyI’ve posted in the feature request. I’m requesting a new feature.

Bump. Well said.

This suggested change would actually not impact how Miner art currently wants to salvage. But instead of saying his bit and moving on, he chooses instead to openly try restrict a feature request.

Are you satisfied, here are my tears! ;,’(

Extremely poor IMHO.

Please, remember everyone is allowed to play a different game and call it EVE.

Not really. How I currently want to salvage is as fast as humanly possible. A small ship with multiple salvage high slots works best for this. The MTU lets me collect the entire set of wrecks at a bookmark while I finish fighting an area out. Drones are slow as hell and get stuck trying to salvage a wreck they can’t successfully access.

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Thank you. This is a good point. My suggested change could help you.

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How? Manual targeting will always salvage faster and allow me to clean a site of wrecks up faster than your drone adjustment. I already manually do what you are suggesting be automated.

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