Drone Modes

What are Passive , Aggressive & Focus Fire Drone modes?

Passive means the drones will wait for instructions. You need to manually select targets for them.

Aggressive means your drones will attack anyone who aggresses you - as long as they are launched prior to the aggressive action. If you’re already targeted or under attack before launching your drones, you need to manually select targets for them.

Focus fire means all drones will attack the same target. If turned off they can choose different targets

I’ve noticed that sometimes Salvage Drones will carry on salvaging every wreck in sight despite being set to Passive - not sure if this is a bug or a feature…

Passive, Aggressive and Focus fire apply primarily to combat drones. Mining and salvage drones seem to follow different rules though I’ve never bothered to experiment to determine the details. Salvage drones that carry on salvaging every wreck in sight is generally a good thing - unless it happens to be an elite wreck. They can chew on one of those for hours!

When using an MTU I try to salvage the ‘empty’ wrecks early, to stop the MTU wasting tractor-time on them. But the drones chew on whatever’s nearest, even ‘full’ wrecks, unless I command ‘Return and Orbit’.

The MTU doesn’t care if it’s tractoring a wreck or a loot container. Drop the MTU when you land on grid and it will hoover up the wrecks while you clear the room - not recommended in busy systems, someone’s apt to shoot it - but works great in quiet backwater systems.

Aggressive mode drones will also engage target even if they were deployed after the aggression on you if enemy uses any form of ewar - every new cycle of ewar on you is considered an aggressive behavior and will(should) trigger drone AI.

Mining Drones can:

  • Mine (mines for 1 cycle)
  • Mine repeatably (mines until asteroid depletes)

Salvage Drones:

  • Salvage (Salvages a single wreck); normally, as a group, they salvage a single wreck at a time but can be assigned to a wreck individually.
  • Salvage with no target locked; will make them salvage entire grid (within your control range)
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That’s the bit I didn’t know, thanks.

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