Salvage Drone IIs

Could we please get tech 2 Salvage Drones?

Furthermore, how about a separate drone bay for salvage drones, so we can launch regular drones and salvage drones at the same time? Sometimes after clearing an area in 3~ minutes I am waiting 20~ minutes for my MTU and 5x salvage drones to clean up, it’s not economical but I just like to do it. How about being able to launch 10x salvage drones at a time?

Also, why do they not folow the agressive/passive/focus fire drone commands? I don’t need all 5x salvage drones on a single wreck - it’s actually faster to target each one individually and then manually send 1 drone to each wreck, but that’s so tedious when if they just obeyed focus fire (or not) would solve it. I can already see on the right here before posting this i’m not the first person to ask for salvage drone updates.

The max drones you can have out and control, regardless of bandwidth, is 5. Giving you another bay for salvagers wouldn’t add to that limit.

Exclude salvage drones from that limit then, what’s the issue there?

Farming too easy too fast leads to a saturated economy.

There’s no reason to give you more ways to farm faster. If anything we need to pull the reigns in a little (well maybe a lot).

Tech 2 salvage drones maybe…but nope to everything else.

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Tech 2 salvage drones would break things.
They are deliberately set to a level where they can’t salvage the most advanced wrecks in order to keep regular salvagers worth while.


I could see T2 salvage drones being available, as long as their base salvage rate is still below that of the T2 salvager module.

Make them faster and more durable, sure, but don’t make them a replacement for manual salvaging of advanced wrecks.

Hard no to the separate drone bay or increased bandwidth. These stats are the way they are for a reason.

The passive/aggressive logic only works when something is committing a hostile act towards you. Even combat drones don’t just automatically other ships that aren’t aggressing you unless you tell them to. This logic is fine as-is.

So…-2/3. A beefier, faster salvage drone would be an appropriate option, the rest…not so much.

Nevyn has the right answer, here. The reason T2’s weren’t introduced was to not devalue salvage lasers as a general thing. Drones were intended to be an assist for salvaging and not to free up your utility high slot with something just as good.

I could get behind the T2’s … if T1’s were nerfed and T2’s were brought to the level of current T1’s. Fat lot of good it’d do for anyone, though.

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