Tech 2 Salvage Drones should be introduced

I feel like we deserve a t2 variant of the salvage drone at this point in the game. Unlockable with Salvage Drone V of course. Also maybe a faction variant like an “Ore Salvage Drone” to go along with the t1, t2, and faction system for drones.


As someone who salvages nearly everything, I would say no. I have come to oppose anything that encourages or rewards afk or low-effort gameplay. MTUs are enough. Want better results for T2 salvage then you should have some effort applied not just pop drones and MTU and watch netflix…


I do not think this is or would be an issue. You can already get salvage drones to auto-salvage all nearby wrecks currently. And t2 Salvagers are already far superior to a potential t2 salvage drone. I am suggesting for more specialized roles, such as having a complement of salvage drones on a ship such as a paladin in null or lowsec, where you would use then to salvage named rats in escalations, etc.

This wouldn’t add any (current present) AFK activity to the game any more that is already in place.

I understand your desire to avoid automation, but this is already something that is automated, just like drone aggression. And this is a quality of life improvement which I believe outweighs AFK concerns (even if it is already an AFK activity at present). It would simply reward those who have salvage drone operation V with a drone that uses the V skill.

Nothing more than make work. Serves no new purpose.

No, -1.

i would agree that T2 salvage drones would be nice, if only to give salvagers that sense of accomplishment other roles have. Give them a slightly increased velocity and 10% salvage boost. Not enough to significantly change the gameplay, but enough to give people wanting to specialize in them a sense of accomplishment.

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I wouldn’t really say that there’s a need for these drones, but it would fit in with having T2/faction variants of other drones/modules.


Before MTU there were players who flew Noctis as salvagers, they were usually around popular L4 areas.

I would say T2 could be ok, but make it Noctis only because teamwork deserves rewards.

Or make an equivalent “excavator” salvage drone but only the Noctis can use it?

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