Salvage Drones

Not to sure how popular or how often this has been said, I know we have T1 salvage drones, why are there not T2 salvage drones for the harder to salvage ships i.e. Sentient, T2 and above, it either takes forever using T1 if at all, or you have to go and get a specialized ship to do it with I might add a T2 salvager. This is a time and isk waste if you could cart around T2 salvage drones to do the job when you are in far far away land.


I think thats the point, they aren’t supposed to replace a dedicated salvage module but instead enable things that were tight on fittings to be able to salvage “something” from belts and missions they run


It’s not worth relying on salvage drones, even with Salvage Drone Operation V, to salvage anything bigger than a destroyer. Use real salvagers if you’re interested

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As Cypherous noted, CCP has made a conscious effort to make salvage drones less than a dedicated T2 salvager. A T2 salvage drone has been asked for by players all the way back to when salvage drones were added to EVE many years ago. The Devs reply has always been a solid “no”, although they have added MTUs as a consolation prize later on just to quiet those asking for the drones. I find them quite usefull when running level4s with a Marauder and MTUs; some of the highest missions netting 10-14 million in salvage alone ( not loot) as I finish up shooting.

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