Salvage drone 2 maybe

(sylveon is kawaii) #1

I don’t know if anyone else wants to see salvage drone 2’s but I kinda do
like to have incentive to train salvage drone operation to 5
like just powerful enough to salvage the wrecks the tech 1 drones can’t
be nice to see them one day

(Nevyn Auscent) #2

Salvage drone 1’s can salvage anything but high grade sleeper wrecks.
If 2’s were introduced that could, then why would you ever fit a salvager again.

(sylveon is kawaii) #3

just a thought I had a few times
I wouldn’t think it’d be too game breaking
you’d still need to be omega to use em
so I figured why not post on the forum and get some other peoples thoughts

(MinerArt) #4

They’re already omega limited and a salvager will always work faster than a drone. So speed. Incidentally a T2 would be excessively weak.

(system) #5

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