Heavy MTU Drone

Hear me out.

I believe having some more options around MTU functionality would be nice.

Lets add some drones that duplicate the work the MTU is doing (going to wrecks, grabbing loot) but instead of dropping it into a container, it loads it directly into a cargo bay.

by being heavy, this makes speed/resource decision a better trade-off than a flight of salvage drones.

what are ya’ll thoughts?

I choose to play Rimworld or Don’t Starve and enable some QoL mods.
CCP will never provide any means or allow players to use some automated means to reduce the amount of operations and I prefer Screeps.

We need less mtu not more. It’s a no from me


Remove the mtu


We need less automation.

If MTUs weren’t introduced, the tractor beam bonuses on the Noctis would still be relevant. Newbies could still gather, loot and salvage sites after other players cleared them.

These days people just drop a MTU and have it automatically tractor and loot all wrecks in a site, which destroyed a form of gameplay in EVE: a very newbie-friendly form of gameplay that stimulated interaction between players and paid well. Gone, because people can now do it all solo and automated with a MTU.

Remove MTUs. And certainly do not introduce more similar automation.

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MTU’s may have removed a gameplay element, but newbies use them just as effectively as vet’s and the QoL element they introduce is much more valuable than the “scan n loot” gameplay element lost. {Also MTU’s introduced a small but viable faucet for minerals - loot mining}

Add them, but then allow MTU’s to drop loot if popped. The you can get a trade of of automation and risk.

Players need to consider cargo space vs a container with drones
MTU’s are scannable, so if they dropped loot they could be ganked.

This would allow some more content options without losing the QoL aspect of it.

If CCP were to make a deployable that automatically mines all ores in a belt for players it would also be a ‘QoL element that newbies and vets can use’ that also removes a gameplay element.

Yet it would be a terrible addition to the game as it destroys mining as gameplay and invalidates multiple ships.

Similarly the MTU did that to the activity of looting a field and the Noctis.

We do not need game activities to be automated, as those game activities are our gameplay. If you are not interested in doing that type of gameplay you can ask another player to do so - that’s EVE.

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Between MTU’s and salvager drones, its made the noctis pointless to have. Ships like that shouldn’t be pointless. We need more player interaction, not automation, which leads to botting.

Noctis does have some role issues. It should be the top ship for loot and salvage.

Give it the same ability the MTU has (a MTU module that automates the tractoring) and you will find it has use again.

or give it the ability to add tractors to MTU’s (since MTUs only pull 1 wreck at a time, this bonus could allow them to pull up to 4)

Then give it bonuses to salvage drones & “mtu drones” and you will have a top level ship that fills that role better than any of the other “looter” tools.

Now about the keeping QoL upgrades and botting automation. That’s a tougher bit to deal with. MTU exists today, so the automation level would be the same. but i get the point you are trying to make here. I just don’t think it would make any difference.

Drones have a lower risk element than MTU (MTU’s are easier to scan) so you probably should make the sig as scannable as an MTU which should at least put them on equal ground risk and automation wise.

On the side of the Noctis, I’d love to see it receive a slight increase to its Tractor range bonus, and their pull speed - making it be able to pull far faster than an MTU at a similar ranges (since right now it maxes out around 80km, where MTUs go much farther - 125km on the basic one) would make it an obvious upgrade.

the tractor beam is faster than the MTU, while the mtu can reach farther, i can pull wrecks in faster with my tractor beams than i can the mtu

Make the noctis the only ship that can drop MTUs :smiley:

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it wasn’t scan and loot.

It was hey do you want to do these LvL4s with me? they pay better than the lvl 1s you’re doing and it will buff your standings. just bring that DD the Career agent mission gave you and slap some salvagers on it.

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I think they should make MTUs much more fragile too.

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This still goes on today? Corp mates join and get salvage/loot all the time. In fact its easier on them with a mtu dropped so they can dock up and drop loot and come back and the mtu has gathered the wrecks for them.

Thats his whole point. Its that it doesn’t. LOL you fighting for your life out here trynna convince peeps the MTU was made for anything else but solo play.


no it still does happen, just now rather than it be the new player actually helping its the equivalent of Suzie running around with her corn popper ‘helping’ mommy vacuum.


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