MTU - put loot Automatic when scooping to cargo

Hey folks,

So, here comes a suggestion for a potential improvement and yes its based on a recent incident I caused all on my own) :slight_smile:

Question: How come you can scoop the MTU directly to your cargo but any loot inside the MTU then gets destroyed?

Suggestion: ANY loot inside the MTU will get transfered into your cargo hold automatically if you scoop the MTU into cargo hold.

I cant see the context into why the loot gets destroyed or why you first need to open the MTU and drag everything into your cargo and then scoop the MTU. Maybe I’m just lacy but I kind of thought this could be a nice improvement!

Fly safe!


I thought the loot popped out in a can?

That might be true! But 1: I completely forget and 2: Still think the loot should end up in your cargo hold :slight_smile:
I didnt think about the can thing but my main suggestion still remains regardless.

I happen to prefer the function as-is since it ensures I have room for my MTU if I scoop it and then loot the resulting jetcan. It’s not like it takes a lot of time to hit ‘loot all’ on the can.


Oh look, another new player with an idea that caters to pure laziness. How original…

I mean I came back to see a giant flashing button to recall drones if you start to warp…

No. Enough things are automagically put in your cargo hold from missions.

I have a suggestion for you for the MTU… get rid of it, like out of game, permanently… remove, delete, wipe from existence, erase

and this is coming from someone who utilizes the MTU. I’d prefer they get rid of it, then add something arbitary like auto loot… Use the Loot all function and grab the loot first before the MTU, especially since you know how much space the MTU has and wether or not the MTU will fit after looting the can, to which you can remove stuff to make room for the MTU.


I was on this boat when they first announced they were adding it.

MTU is another ezmode item that eliminated player interaction.

Before MTU players running salvage/tractor beams would hook up with mission runners for a looting service.

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It also killed the role for mining. I can’t remember the list time I saw an orca fit tractor beams a freighter just pops out an mtu for the entire belt.

Im not a new player to EVE mate and this was only a suggestion. Not like I would think it would be a actual reality. Just thought to share the idea and see what people think. No need to be rude about it. Constructive feedback is much better.

If you are not a new player, then you should know how often stuff like this is brought up to make the game easier for lazy people or very casuals, who don’t want to put the effort into learning and making EVE what it is.

I see tons of new stuff being brought up and various topics and suggestions is being made. This is also how a game evolves over time. Just sitting there and making no changes at all or bringing new content will soon mean the game will die and interest fades. Much of the content does come from player communities and for example the CSM’s. Without it, EVE would not have been what it is. And its a great game!

im all for stuff being added to the game, if it benefits the game as a whole… this doesn’t do it…

MTU never should have been put in the game, and again, this is from someone who used it.

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No, it’s not that, you just posted a bad idea.

Yes good ideas getting support and bad ideas being laughed at. Game dev darwinism at its finest

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