Hacking an MTU

I ran across a “Magpie” when I was picking up strays the other day and I hated to kill it I was thinking maybe if we had a way to hack an MTU or a Mobile Depot to make it think it belongs to you. Hacking it could give you a suspect or even criminal flag and maybe in the case of a Mobile Depot a requirement to come back like you do if you shoot it. I ended up messaging the owner and selling them a bookmark for 25M. I would have rather picked it up.


Just go suspect and blow it up. Keep space clean.


I thinks this is a nice idea for another section of the forum.


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would be cool to hck them and get all loot + the MTU/Mobile Depot … cool enough if we just get the loot

You can not kill it. It is not alive. You do not need to feel bad for it.

You are only visually destroying a lifeless visual representation of bits on a server far away.

Grats on that … and makes the point of your thread.
You did not want to destroy it for no good reason and now you feel stupid for not doing it.

I got 25M for the bookmark from the owner. I scanned it. It had loot in it for a lvl 4. Maybe 5-7M. Considering I blow it up AND get lucky I get 4-5M in loot and a log on the KB that I don’t give a crap about. I think I made the better decision but you play how you want.


I keep thinking he could have scammed the owner by selling a fake bookmark and then destroyed the MTU afterwards.

Not that I’d do that, I just recently picked up a destroyed Orca and returned the content to its owner, but knowing EVE is this certainly on some people’s mind.

Okay. So you want to hack it so you can pick it all up without destroying it … is that right? You would still be put into suspect state for this.

You know, you are actually right.
There should be more options for getting the insides of the MTU.
I’m sorry for coming across unfriendly sometimes.

It is actually really obvious. There is no reason not to. It adds something to do and people will like being able to pick depending on whatever circumstances that arise.

There cannot be more options. Any option where you could get somebody else’s MTU, either just the full content or even the whole thing, would instantly lead to players turning it into a profession of sorts and nobody anywhere near a mission hub would ever be using a MTU again after the first week of the introduction of this new method.

The random loot drop and together with the destruction seems the most acceptable approach, and is annoying enough when it happens.

Also, if this is supposed to be a feature or idea discussion then it should be posted into the appropriate forum section.

Go troll somewhere else, please. : )

Or do you rather want me to bite?

Right back at you.

That’s a yes, then.
You believe that being able to take all of it would be a bad thing, because … ?

Read what I wrote above, then you don’t need to ask.

I did so.

You fail to explain why you believe that it really would happen, so we can be sure it is not just a …


Straw Man Argument: A subtype of the red herring, this fallacy includes any lame attempt to “prove” an argument by overstating, exaggerating, or over-simplifying the arguments of the opposing side. Such an approach is building a straw man argument. The name comes from the idea of a boxer or fighter who meticulously fashions a false opponent out of straw, like a scarecrow, and then easily knocks it over in the ring before his admiring audience. His “victory” is a hollow mockery, of course, because the straw-stuffed opponent is incapable of fighting back. When a writer makes a cartoon-like caricature of the opposing argument, ignoring the real or subtle points of contention, and then proceeds to knock down each “fake” point one-by-one, he has created a straw man argument.

I do not see that happening. If this is all you worry about, then I believe simply only giving access to the loot that would be accessable when it has been destroyed, and making the MTU hackable only once would solve the issue for you.

Though please do tell me why you would think it would turn it into a profession …
… and why you believe that it would such a catastrophically bad thing.

hey it’s been really hot today. :sweat:

Actually, what really interests me about this is something else.
I am not going to derail this any further.

*wrings out tshirt*

I know.

If you were using MTUs then you’d know the risks we already have. If you then allow others to take the whole thing, and the cheapest is already 7m-8m ISKs worth, then players will avoid using them unless they’re certain that nobody will interfere. They will only go back to using a tractor beam or a Noctis again.

Right now can one shoot an MTU and one has some time to pick it up before it gets destroyed.

A new method where one can pick it up as a whole will either lead to a mechanic where one picks it up as soon as somebody gets near it, or, it turns into a method where one can deny the owner access, i.e. during a hacking mini-game of sorts. And when it’s supposed to allow multiple players to challenge ownership at the same time then it gets only more complicated as a mechanic. This is still a PvP game and we don’t need to turn this into some competitive PvE feature.

It’s a QoL feature for now and one which can be destroyed. That’s fine as it is and needs no change and no fix. If you need more then steal somebody’s can, and loot their wrecks.

Yeah I doubt you really know much about what you are talking about. I actually doubt that you spend much time thinking at all and i believe that it is just fun for you to ■■■■ around and against whatever people are saying. Sure, in most cases it is kind of justified, but people who spend a lot of time posting every single day get lost in that behaviour eventually. The forums make assholes out of otherwise good people.

Hell … not once did I talk about “picking it up as a whole” and you just talk about this as if i did and think you can make some sort of point, where there is none.

The reason why you can not “win” this, if that is what you want (and it seems so, like you all are hellbent on being told you are right), is that OP’s suggestion, slightly tweaked, changes nothing about the outcome of the situation but adds something you might have not heard in quite a long time: Variety.

The situation being that one guy wants to get his hands on what’s inside the MTU.
The outcome being receiving parts of the contents of the MTU.

It allows for the choice of not shooting it. If you believe that “not destroying the MTU” is bad, because you found some other exaggeration to throw at me, then the MTU could as well explode when it is being successfully hacked.

Your stupidly exaggerated horror scenario would not ever happen.

That way, the feature solely adds Variety, which makes it a good thing, because monotony is boring and having more options is always better than having less options.

And one thing highsec really really needs are more possibilities for people affecting each other.

had to iron out the post so you can’t just use semantics on me.

You can shoot MTUs. That’s enough to affect another player. What you want is to turn this into competitive PvE. It’s just not needed. This still is EVE and not some PvE game. Your last sentence seems like you understand this, but at the same time do you want to offer a non-destructive alternative, which doesn’t make sense. You’ve got to decide what you want: a hardcore PvP game or a watered-down version of it.