Fun fact about MTU hunting

If the owner has a bounty on their heads, you also get a bounty payment in addition to the dropped loot and killmail. Laughed my tits off when I got a couple of bounties today. :joy:


Yes! Working as intended.

I don’t know why people go on out about bounty hunting being broken - it works fine to pay people to shoot others. What is broken a bit is the hunting bit itself.

But if you have a beef with someone, throwing a small bounty on them might very well induce someone to inflict some damage on them. Structures and other things that can be legally attacked are the most vulnerable, but a bounty on a corporation to pay the wardec fee just might get their structure exploded.

I suspect most of the time, people are putting a bounty on themselves out of narcissism. The c***s I’ve taken bounty money from are nobodies.

MTU and depot hunting has exactly the right balance of risk. Yes, I shoot mobile depots as well. The depots are the most interesting because they go into reinforcement and you have to come back 2 days later. I’m tempted to leave some depots out myself and if they get attacked, make sure I’m cloaky and waiting 2 days later. Delicious.

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The amount of effort required to kill a mobile depot for the likely result of a 1.5 mil killmail doesn’t seem even in a ballpark worth doing. Even killing regular mtus aren’t really worth killing unless you know there is something in them. Packrats however automatically require me to check if there is a ship next to it on d-scan.

One of the standard bounty payouts (based on price of MTU and/or small bounty of pilot) you’ll get when popping MTUs is 315,315 ISK. New Order conspiracy?

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The only thing that is broken are the secure containers. Can’t scan them down, have to triangulate them, which can take hours at times. If they set a password, all I can do is cargo-scan and grind through a large amount of EHP for zero loot drop. It’s a bit stupid.

Not just out of narcissism. It gets worse, you’d be surprised how many slap bounties on themselves in the odd belief that it makes them scary and thus less likely to be marked as a target.

Humans. Wierd species.

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