Stealth bombers and MTU's

We all know that there are quite a few nasty folk out there and was wondering would it be a viable ideal to drop an MTU in a mission hub and when someone comes in and starts shooting it (criminal suspect flag), tackle them with your BC/BS and have others uncloak and just drop tons of torps on them with friends, then run and hide then rince and repeat, good idea or a problem with this tactic?

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Your friends are gonna be bored out of their minds waiting for someone to come and shoot your MTU.

In mission hubs you often don’t have to wait too long, kinda gate camping waiting, especially when you work in a mission hub with that Corp that specializes in MTU destruction, but correct bit like fishing with spaceships.

for you to be able to lock a target in a

It depends greatly on where the mtu is and what your doing if you are uncloaked, for example if your sat on it and they come in with a solo bomber you should easily be able to kill that even in a ratting battleship.

Fit a heavy neut and a point.

Its all rather situational.

This can totally work. I see a couple of issues you should think about though. First, the ninjas are probably better prepared for this kind of gameplay than you are. There will be a learning curve until you catch up. Remember, it is their goal to get you to shoot at them, then to use various tricks to control the engagement so that you lose. You will need to have better tricks up your sleeve than they do.

The other issue I see is that you will be taking greater risks than the ninjas you are hunting. The whole point for them is to engage high value targets in cheap ships, so they can reap a nice profit from loot and ransoms without risking much loss. When you do get kills they probably won’t be impressive ones. And to get them to engage you will need to fly something expensive enough that it is worth their time.

there can be only one flag
if it’s suspect, it’s criminal not
if it’s criminal, it’s supsectn’t

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I have been baited on an MTU, heheh well played Tuban!

I say go for it!

I’ve done it many times. It’s fun. A lot of MTU hunters are canny and will pre align. Cloaky fast tackle is needed and probably a small bump. Create alphas without identifiable links to you to drop the MTUs. Good luck and good drops.

That killmail appears broken? It’s not showing anything.

@Kaivarian_Coste Zkill has come out in sympathy for Blackout.

No, srs.

zKill blackout until monday

I know of a couple of guys who do this full time, neither of them use the large SoE mission hubs, just regular ones, and they tend to stick their respective areas, like spiders with a web.

Try hunting specific targets

He loves to fly a still unkilled nereus.

He does that for years in the same systems.

Adrian actually died a bit ago from Tipa Riot.

Nice. :heart_eyes:

Did you die from either of those people before? I’m just curious as to why you are happy they got killed, but I can’t find you on killboard.

They are both known trouble makers, known by many miners. They deserve a beatup once a while. :grin:

You know that Adrian doesn’t kill miners? He mainly just suspect baits mission runners, not really anything to do with mining.

Are those not miners to you?