How does a mobile tractor unit work

just how does it work. i spent like 6 mill on it

Try a right click on the Mtu, in the ship inventory, when you are in Space :wink:


Drivin’ that train, high on cocaine, Casey Jones you’d better watch your speed…


Drag it into space, and forget about it until you get a killmail.


This is how the MTU’s work, read this article carefully as there are different MTU’s or other deployables also on this article page


and it suck loot for you
after you can scoop it to cargo hold , just right click on it

You also can use like 3 MTUs to basically can flip mine.

Drop it within range in different areas around the belt.

Mine your ore, eject into a jetcan and the MTU will hoover it up, then you collect the MTUs and boom lots of ore.

However, you’ll need 1 salvage drone as if you don’t salvage the rat wrecks, sometimes your MTUs play tag and it messes up the system.

Doing this, a lone miner can do pretty well.


Alternatively, a lone miner can join a CASMA fleet and just use the compression that comes along with the free boosts.

LOL look at you acting like you care about the nubs :smiley:


How many Dead Heads does it take to change a lightbulb? None! They just keep following it refusing to believe it’s burnt out!

Until an MTU hunter such as myself blaps it and steals everything inside.

For the OP: Just a word to the wise, MTUs are fun to hunt down and destroy. And it’s fun to use them to bait the mission runner into shooting at you.

A couple of rules that will help you OP.

Never leave your MTU unattended. A MTU is considered abandoned if the owner is more than 2,500 m away from it. All MTUs outside that range are fair game for immediate removal.

What @Ax_l_Thorne said…

I highly advise that if anyone touches your MTU you shoot them immediately. You cannot let these lowlife thieves get away with this!

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solid tip :+1:

Indeed you have to protect your MTU, with lethal force if necessary. That poor innocent MTU can only rely on you and you alone to avoid being killed. Don’t let your MTU down, defend it!

also if the MTU talks to you i urge you to disregard its advice

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MTU should be able to pull ships too. My bs needs this.

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