I think most explorers who fly small ships such as the Astero would welcome a Mini-MTU that they can fit in their ships cargo hold and still have enough volume left over to haul loot out of Low, Null and W-Space with. What would exploration be if you can’t scoop the loot and then warp out before getting caught?


Cycle Time - 5 secs
Max Tractor Range - 50 km
Maximum Tractor Velocity - 1500 m/sec
Capacity - 250 m/3
Volume - 50 m/3
Maximum Life Time Once Anchored - 1 hour
Armor Hitpoints - 1,000 HP

The Mini-MTU is based on Polarizatio module mechanics that increases its tractor velocity which results in not having any resists.

Maybe even a specialized MTU bay for the Astero as well.

You sound like you’ve never actually done any exploration.

MTUs are useless in hacking sites. You can also fit the existing MTU in the Astero cargo hold and still have 110 m3 left.


good news they actually have tractor units that take up 0m3 in your cargo


“Maybe even a specialized MTU bay for the Astero as well.” That’s completely ridiculous. And as Nisanthro already said, it’s sounds a lot like you’ve never done exploration.

The only thing I could imagine this being useful is to ninja-loot a small battlefield, without the MTU taking up too much space.

But there has to be some downside to it, too, and that’s the cargo space it takes up right now. Even if you could tractor in the loot cans in relic/data sites, an additional high slot for Astero for a Tractor Beam would make a lot more sense.

I’m quite certain that I had done more exploration then you can probably imagine.

The drawbacks ti this Mini-MTU is that it has a limited cargo capacity.

The Mini-MTU is geared towards Fast Salvaging operations that take place in Low Sec and Null as well as in High Sec.

The Mini-MTU would also be able to be attacked the same as the MTU.

Just because it might take an advantage away from a particular style of play that you enjoy, the overriding factor is how beneficial it would be for many.

LOL are you out of any new “how to smartbomb CODE. (or other similar incredible new plans how to defeat the baddies)” ideas so you come back replying to your old dead threads?


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