Mobile Tractor Unit

Hello everyone! i think CCP should fix the MTU default pulling range from far to close. If we put two MTU at 5km distance(min distance from other MTU) then they just pulling things again each other, this is ridiculous, if so then why not set it 100km from another MTU? as i notice the MTU will pull the close one first . hope CCP should fix it to pull the far first then the close one!
Anyone think like me?
PS: sorry for my bad english

Or make it selectable, so players could chose which wrecks it pulls first.

Or just leave it how it is, it’s fine.

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It’s called “working as intended.” Either put them farther apart, or salvage faster.

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I’d vote no. As it is, there’s a soft limit of only 1 being beneficial. Letting anything scale infinitely is bad, which is what your proposal would let it do. The bypass to the soft limit is to fly a noctis, but there’s still a soft limit on top of that. MTU has to be balanced against the noctis and marauders, it doesn’t need a buff. Not unless you can propose a simultaneous nerf to keep it in balance.


Or you could fly a Noctis and do it yourself. Oh wait, doing something yourself is such a hippie concept.
CCP should have your salvage and wrecks delivered to your keepstar the second you create a wreck.
No way, you put in work. That’s for old people amirite.

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Range toggle

Wreck size toggle

Cans on off toggle

And they would be perfect

Over the top option MTU have built in salvager turret.


What about a new kind of faction MTU with the fitting functionality like a Mobile Depot? Too over the top?

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This one sounds a bit more reasonable because it interacts with other ships rather than replaces other ships. The price would need to justify the added functionality. My first instinct is to make it require fuel, but that might not be necessary, considering right now you have the option of just dropping a MTU and a Mobile Depot. So maybe it should be somewhere close to the cost of the two of them together?


The mtu is deliberately dumb because its auto-mated. Stops us from spamming them and tractoring missions in too short a time.

If you want to tractor efficiently, do it yourself. If you want something to tractor for you, it needs to be inefficient.

Might just be me, but what situation would this be useful in?

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If you find something cool, you could immediately equip it?

Actually… probably just to save cargo space.

–Tractor Pull Gadget, yall !

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you are in a fleet with your friend and both of you have MTU. both deploy it then sit and watch them pull wreck again each other and you call that is fine ? you are in a fleet, u do mission faster with 2 men then why not loot faster with 2 MTU ?
Current MTU only fine “IF” remove the “min distance from other mobile tractor unit” and add in “can deploy only one mobile tractor unit in one combat zone” because it is an error and it can’t do their job as u put 2 of them!

Two mtus isn’t supposed to be faster. Tractor them yourself if you want to be faster.

Toggles would be real nice, but not sure if dev time would be cost effective on something like this. MTUs seem pretty well balanced.

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Not knowing how to properly use MTUs, or even how to salvage with multiple pilots, does not mean they need fixed. MTUs aren’t broken.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like finishing a mission, and then switching ships to salvage, so often I will drop both an MTU and depot, clear the room, switch my fit to salvaging mode, salvage the room, switch back, and then move on.

So yes, mostly to save space and only have to drop one. It could also then work as either or, again saving space.

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