Mobile Tractor Unit Settings?

Apologies if this is not in the right area of the forum, I tried my best to find the right area.
Would it be possible to add a button to the Mobile Tractor Unit that makes it so it only pulls in your own containers? I am in a mining fleet, and I dislike having to constantly jump back to the station to empty my hold, and I would like to take advantage of the MTU’s capabilities while getting the benefits of the fleet, and not pissing my fleet mates off by taking their containers.
If this is not possible, that is fine, it is just a request.

I’ll say what i say to any ‘make mtu smarter’ proposal.

Please no. MTU’s are a form of automation and should therefore be slow and dumb so as to not undermine manual tractor beams.


Can you make it tractor yellow cans and add Suspect to the owner when collected please?


right section:

you should not be able to pull others containers unless you are in the same fleet
if you have your own fleet with your own containers then you should be ok


Yeah, that was what I meant. I am in a pretty good mining fleet. Provides good boosts and protection against gankers. I was wondering if I could use it there, because I wanted to get the boosts, while not stealing others’ containers.

Having the option to pull only your own containers rather than fleet mates’ containers sounds like a simple, basic and obvious desire to me. For such an item to not have such basic settings is quite preposterous.

I have some counter-proposals. The first counter proposal is to have a setting on the MTU that it will only tractor items you tag and not choose for itself. In this way you could even tractor items that are not yours.

Further this would allow a person to have their own can sit there until you are ready for the MTU to tractor it instead of having a can just fly away from you the second drop it in space.

OR the MTU could be set to collect only CERTAIN item types. So if its set to collect only small secure containers then it won’t bother any jet cans. Then when you want a pickup you transer it all to a small secure container. This will require a delay in the activation time of the MTU though so the small secure container won’t be whisked away while you try to transfer the load. OR it could be set to collect nothing and you only use the cargo space.


That will never happen unless the person can choose to switch that off. Otherwise its just an abuse magnet. Gankers will just drop 1 unit of ammo near an MTU, the MTU locks, pulls in the yellow can and as soon as it loots, some guy in a barge goes flashy yellow and the ganker blows him up with no ship loss.

I like this idea better than mine, as you could have a dedicated hauler for some people in the fleet.

On another note, is there any way to submit a feature request other than putting it in the feature idea section, or is that the way?

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If you are moon mining, it is more beneficial to have one hauler, as since the mining books will show who mined what, regardless whose can it was.

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That is the only way to submit feedback at this time. You can edit your initial post to change the category to the appropriate section so you do not have to re-post the thread, or, you can ask an ISD to move it if you have trouble fixing the category yourself.

There is also the megathread for QoL changes, that if they are small enough or a dev has enough time to devote to it, some of those can be integrated into the game… CCP Kakur controls that thread specifically

yes. and this would be great!

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Yes, I know.

But more importantly, I want to scoop yellow cans with my MTU.


If you want a smart tractor beam while mining, put a tractor beam on your Porpoise or Orca and pull the stuff yourself.

In real life, automation is progress and an improvement over manual tasks. In EVE, automating everything that could be automated would result in a pretty screensaver, complex but boring. Manual tasks are the gameplay in EVE.

MTUs are a form of automation that nearly invalidated the normal tractor beam module. The only benefit the tractor beam has left is that it allows you to intelligently pull specific objects instead of a dumb ‘pull all objects’. And now you want to take that last part away.

We don’t need more automation.


This is the basis of why I think they should pull yellow cans.

You could keep the automation, but have a built in “dumbness” because it doesnt know its about to steal some yellow snow.

There is plenty more. You also have to pick it up, it takes up cargo space when you do, you cannot pick it up full of cargo, you have to either empty it to cargo before loading the MTU into your cargo, or, you now have to play with a jet can that gets ejected.

Not to mention the fact they so often get left behind, scanned down by others, and destroyed.

Also it takes time to online.

I wouldn’t mind having launch options for the MTU. “Launch for self.” and “Launch for fleet.”

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He said only benefit to tractor beam, not mtu

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Yes, and Ridley listed drawbacks of the MTU that are not issues with the tractor beam, which makes them ‘benefits of the tractor beam’ in comparison to the MTU.

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Yeah, I must have been half asleep. Mkikaden Tiragen explained my sleep typing perfectly . Thanks!