Mobile Depot


Can we have a bigger Mobile Depot which can hold more items, would like to use it for mining but does not hold much ore…

what do u think?


most ships hold very much more than what it does. its not made for mining, its made for switching ship fits.

use an MTU or jetcan mine.

No because the grief bears would cry over it.

vetoed by null …

MDU’s are not meant for holding ore like that. They are meant for in space fitting. Their cargo capacity is intentional, enough for carrying some spare ammo, extra mods for fit swaps, and maybe some extra drones and such.

Use an MTU if you want more space for staging ore. Another option is for an alt/another player to bring a ship built for that role like an Orca or Miasmos.

Use a Mobile Tractor Unit. Not only do they hold a jetcan’s worth of ore, you can just eject your ore whereever you are in the belt and the MTU will automatically pull over your jetcan and stockpile the ore in one place for later retrieval.

Or for the more daring pilot. You can launch a Freighter Container at the place of choice from any ship that will carry 2500m³. A launched Freighter Container will hold a pleasant 250,000m³.

  • You will need a freighter to collect it
  • it can be scooped without any flagging by another freighter (i.e stolen without suspect)
  • it can be easily stolen from (including can flipping)
  • it will be lost/destroyed at DownTime with any/all contents also lost
  • requires careful placement, since once you have mined all of the surrounding ore - you will need to move out of range to filling.
  • cannot be tractor-beamed
  • could be easily destroyed by an aggressive player to deny you any reward

Now, if you do not have a freighter - you could take the convenience of “an all-day king-sized jetcan”, accept the price of doing business and write-off the Freighter Container. I will leave to you to do that math.

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