CRAZY idea I had

So, what if I increase how much ore my mining ship can hold by having an MTU which has a storage of around 27,000m3 in my cargo hold, and put the ore in that? then I can have an ore hold full of ore AND a magic tardis box full of ore!

No, when you pickup the MTU from space, it will eject its contents into a can which you then need to loot.

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Curse you, laws of physics!

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For magic cargo tricks, take a look at some of the smaller containers.

Not sure about the name, but I think it’s the ‘secure’ containers that can fit like 3900m3 inside while taking only a volume of 3000m3 itself. A 30% increase of cargo space because of magic! (Or efficient stacking).

While less useful for ore, because those containers do not fit in ore holds, they’re really nice for hauling.

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