Triglavian based spacial expansion technology for raw materials to serve as a more expensive, but more useful, version of compression

In other words, portable pocket universes that can only hold unprocessed ores due to a retrieval failure rate based on shape complexity.

Ideally, the lore reason for why such things could only be viable for ores is that a certain amount of matter loss is expected. You can’t put a ship in one and then expect for it to come out intact, it would come out severly damaged and missing some of it’s parts.

In order for this to work, all of the ore you intend to store in it has to be injected all at the same time, and when you want to use that ore, it’s exjected all at the same time, and the pocket universe destablizes and dissappears, so if you want to do something like that again, you have to buy a new one.

This way, it doesn’t replace cargo containers that can store anything, and can be used any number of times.

Could this be a viable way to improve upon compression?

IDK, what do you guys think?

How exactly are these different from regular cargo holds and containers that already contain far more than their volume?

They don’t take up as much space, store a lot more, and are one use.

That’s how they’re different.

Oh no your idea crap and needlessly extra, I just meant as far as your over explained in universe justification.

Why do you think it’s crap and needlessly extra?

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