Is it time for compressed minerals?

Be able to compress minerals into bars? Why not?

One tritanium bar = 1,000 trit. Guess it should be a blueprint and it would take some time+cost some isk to create? And then a blueprint to uncompress it again. Who knows.

Basically the problem is that you can ship a ton of ore to a reproccesing plant but when you reprocess it the volume gets out of control. So perhaps there should be a way for players to compress minerals. Obviously if you carry a ton of compressed minerals you will become a gank target so theres a tradeoff its not just an easy button.


It is an “easy button”. Right now I can fit 1.7 million units of tritanium (or other mineral) in my Viator using Giant Secure Containers. I’m not sure what level of compression you were thinking of but even 10:1 will let me carry 17 million units in one of the fastest and safest ships in the game.


But you’d still be able to carry many times more minerals in blockade runners, fast haulers, a kryos, or a jump freighter or a freighter with Web escort.

Maybe if ganking was more effective you could make that argument, but hauling is pretty stupidly safe right now. No thanks.

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Well, that’s the point of compression. Move the Ore to a Refinery with a small ship and then move the Mineral around with the bigger one. The idea is to have the Refinery and Industrial complex in the same system and people planning ahead with the ore compression.

In the past, we have a different way to compress minerals, but was fixed by CCP they do not want that type of thing to happen, then add the Ore Compressing to replace the old non-design in purpose.

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You can probably already carry 17 million units of trit with compressed veldspar.

edit, yep you can get really close. viator has 4500m3 cargohold (with max skill) = ~12.5 million trit in compressed veldspar

1.7 million tritanium = 17000 M3 cargo. If there is a way to get more than that into a Viator, please educate me!

As a manufacturer, I buy minerals to consume in my production. Usually I haul in a DST (also loaded with Giant Secure Containers for an extra 30% capacity) but, the BR is a lot faster if I only need a small quantity.

1.7 million tritanium = 17000 M3 cargo. If there is a way to get more than that into a Viator, please educate me!

My point is that trit takes up too much volume. Stuff your Viator with it and you can still only carry 7 million isk worth. You should be able to compress it and carry much more.

How about it makes a block of mineral the same size as a freighter cargo hold that’s been fit with cargo expanders.

The block cannot be reprocessed, rather you have to jettison it into space where it appears as a block in space that must be re-mined as the pure mineral. The block also always survives destruction of the freighter, again appearing as a block in space that cannot be simply scooped but rather re-mined.


Compress the ORE…

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Are you serious?


You don’t get to jump it around, and you have to escort it to get it anywhere ‘safely’, but you can move absolute butt tons of it in a single op.

If it does go down you can’t just scoop it, creating the potential for conflict as people come in to re-gather the material. It’s both safer in that it would require a significant op to kill the freighter and then reap the rewards, balanced by how fragile the carrying ship was. Worst case scenario you eliminate a huge chunk of material and thus benefit the economy a bit if you can’t get it mined back in time.

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Compressed ore was added for this purpose. Do your refining in the same place as your production.

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Wow what a silly suggestion.

Please someone explain this:

When i suggested we should be able to transfer stuff between stations in the same solar system without having to haul it manually (Pretend it was moved by drones or NPCs) people said NO that would be bad because you should HAVE to haul it around yourself.

But then when i suggest compressed minerals people are like NO you shouldnt be able to move stuff around. Are people retarded or what?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be able to move stuff about.

I’m saying your proposal is completely redundant as there was a mechanic for moving bulk-minerals around. Compressed <name_of_ore> was added by CCP so that people could move shedloads of stuff around.

CCP didn’t want people to compress refined minerals because then you’d only ever get one hyper-efficient ore-refining location in all of New Eden (it’d be near Jita of course). Nobody would ever set up new refineries anywhere because the cost of setup would outweigh the benefit of just buying compressed mineral ingots.

Thanks for calling me retarded though.


Care to explain your thoughts on this? It seems like it gives you all you ask for, though not in a way that just makes moving mass quantities trivial or risk free.

Moving mass quantities is not risk free. Look up ganking.

If you can only compress minerals into a large chunk that only fit in freighters their fungibility is lost which kind of defeats the point of compressing minerals in the first place.

Ganking does not increase the risk enough to warrant the increased capacity to move minerals in such quantities.

EDIT: All of your recent ideas seem to be related to making things easier or have NPC’s do them. That’s not how Eve works. You seem to lack the understanding of the core values of Eve.

You’re supposed to move stuff, but it isn’t quick and easy. Nor should it be. Rather than moving everything in one go, it takes a couple trips (exposing you for longer) or you can make friends and use multiple haulers. Or you can outsource the hauling to another player.

It adds depth to the game.

Thats just your opinion. I would like to see you quantify it. Currently you can only fill about 7 million worth of Trit in a standard hauler its a gay amount tbh.

You should be able to haul 10x as much. But obviously that would be more risky.

I dont see the problem with being able to compres minerals and haul more at the time. I think you are just a little too dense tbh.