Compressed ore price drop

Hi there, i wanted to know, if there’s a special reason for the low price of compressed kernite vs normal state kernite. In my Procurer i managed to get like 3,5 mil full loaded but when i compressed it, the value was like 2.7 or something like that.

The high value minerals are currently tritanium and mexallon - these are the bottleneck minerals for ship production in nullsec. Because minerals are not compressible, it makes sense to ship compressed ore to nullsec instead. While kernite contains both minerals, it is bulky - 1.2 M3/unit. Plagioclase at 0.35 M3/unit is a more efficient way to transport both minerals after compression. Compressed veldspar is the most efficient way to transport tritanium.

You’re probably better off focusing your mining on plagioclase and veldspar, the compressed ores are likely to increase in value as the current war progresses. Doesn’t mean that kernite should decrease in value when compressed but, as a less popular resource, there may be more supply than demand at any given time.


Also don’t trust the value estimate in the inventory window. It is wrong.

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