Compressed or not?

Is it better to compress the ore before selling?
If yes, why?
Thank you.

Yes, Compressed Ore has a fraction of the volume of uncompressed. So it makes it a lot easier to haul where ever you need it. there shouldn’t be too much different in the price relative to each other - only exception is Kernite as it is used in a Mission.


Kernite, omber and i think one more, are all used in the Materials of War storyline missions. Just depends on the level.

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Does that mean Kernite, Omber and the other would sell for more when compressed or less because it’s used in a mission?

Less i would think.

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@Elathy_Maricadie @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Thank you for helping.

For missions they usually require the uncompressed version of the Ore.

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Raw kernite sells for 1,000 ISK per unit because omegas run a level 4 mission asking them to mine it. “Oh that is so beneath me!” says the omega player. They buy it and get an augment upgrade as the reward. I don’t know about omber, but most raw ore sells better compressed for traveling into the distant null space. They process it and build ships to blow up.

Boosters are a real gas, that is to say gases are sold to make boosters for even more profit. Gas can also be compressed. However looking at the market, I don’t see a need to compress gas, as the price isn’t very different.

Low security gas and kernite will make one richer than most mining activities.

Have fun! o7

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@Princess_Rose_Ivory I appreciate your post, thank you.

Calamity signing off.

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