Where's the Kernite?

Hey, been mining in 0.6 Amarr space for a while and haven’t seen any Kernite. Why don’t I see it anywhere in the system I mine in? Am I reading this Ore Availability chart wrong? Or is it super rare?


Only Veldspar, Scordite, Pyroxeres, and Plagioclase is found in High Sec belts now.

Use a tool like cerlestes.de - Ore Table for EVE Online

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This Ore Availability chart is wrong. CCP hasn’t updated it when they did the ore redistribution patch.

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You really dont want kernite anyways, it the worst isk/m3 ore in the game. Mine veldspar, sell it, and buy the mins you need. You’ll make out better.

CCP wants you to go die in low security trying to mine Kernite.


Why does Kernite sell for 6 times the price as Veldspar then?

it’s the price per cubic meter that matters, not the price per unit.

Am I reading this chart wrong then?

That is some weird :poop: with kernite, its mineral value is the lowest. I wonder if its needed in huge quantities for a mission or something. The 5%, 10%, and 15% variants are a normal price.

Mine away, we have it in abundance in our WH

The occasional “materials for war preparation” storyline missions require a substantial (8k m3 i think) amount of kernite.

Yep, Storylines need Kernite or Omber depending on level. 8k Kernite which I would often buy for like 9 or 10mil and sell the implant for profit.

What you’d want to do is take the unit buy price and divide it by the unit volume of the ore. Kernite is 1.2 m³, so 810 Z ÷ 1.2 m³ = 675 Z/m³.

That will tell you how valuable an ore is. You can only fit so much volume in your ore hold, so one ore might fit 312 units, and another might fit 16,666, but that doesn’t mean the ore that fits 16,666 units is more valuable than the other.

To judge them equally, look at the Z/m³, and you’ll find which ores are more valuable. Go by the buy price, just because that’s more likely what your customers are willing to pay.

I think Luciaan understood this, just that a previous comment didn’t line up with the facts:

Where Kernite isn’t the worst isk/m3 in the game for numerous high sec regions. The reason why is exactly what Dragon Lord Irontooth said:

Miners and entrepreneurs haul Kernite to the storyline mission stations and sell it for an ungodly markup. Mission runners – especially blitzing ones – will occasionally accept this mission and pay for high priced Kernite so they can instantly complete the mission, even if they are breakeven ISK-wise after selling the implant reward. The faction standings gain by completing this mission can offset/negate the faction standing loss that comes over a long period of time with rejecting missions as part of the blitzing process. Thus, it is one of the most time-efficient storyline missions for faction standing gains, and time is everything to a blitzer. It’s the other missions that need to be ISK/hr efficient.

This means the average prices and daily volume traded for this specific kind of ore – and none of its variants – are going to be impacted by blitzers. Luciaan, you picked a great example as the Kernite prices in high sec are a great showcase of the nuances of the player-driven market. That does mean though, if you’re thinking of mining Kernite to sell at the trade hub for industrialists to buy – they most likely won’t buy it at the blitzer’s inflated price – so the average numbers you’re getting from the table are unrealistically inflated by a niche player market.

I still recommend you try anyway – half the fun of the game is doing and learning hands-on.

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Compressed value is what matters.

I find it hilarious Kernite and Omber were relocated to low sec and lower. They were and still are two of the worst ores in the game. Sure low sec ore prices are higher than they ever have been, but no miner in thier right mind would take even just a barge into low sec. You might get away with it in a Venture but with the much lower yield you might as well stay in high sec. You can try to bring some friends, but thanks to map Intel someone out hunting well inevitably crash your party.

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I mean when they released that update one of their stated goals was that it would lead to the destruction of more mining ships.

Well if they want more mining ships to die maybe they should make changes to make them cheaper. Especially exhumers they cost 10 times the amount as their T1 counter parts. Maybe then a miner might be willing to risk the biscuit to get the brisket. As it stands now no way in hell would I take a exhumer to low sec. The ship would likely die before it pays for itself.

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