Where is the Kernite?

I just saw an old post about Kernite missing in High-Sec and the following remark > “You really dont want kernite anyways, it the worst isk/m3 ore in the game. Mine veldspar, sell it, and buy the mins you need. You’ll make out better.”> This might be in a case of ore/ISK value, but nobody in the post mentioned that Kernite contains Isogen. Isogen is quite important if you want to produce ships and other things.

Kernite is in lowsec.

And still a horrible ore.

But research agents slash story-line drivers require it on occasion so be canny.

Kernite has the 4th most Isogen and the least amount of Mexallon per m3 of ore. That’s not impressive.

If you’re going to be in low you might as well go for Gneiss which is 1st for Isogen and Mexallon per m3 of ore, or Dark Ochre which is 2nd for Isogen and Mexallon and Nocxium per m3 of ore.

Lmao mining kernite for isogen

laughs in Prismatic Gneiss

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you don’t mine simple kernite to reprocess, you mine it to sell to lvl 4 mission runners at 1k isk per unit

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You can also find it in holes.

I agree with you. Since you have to go to lowsec Gneiss is a far better choice than Kernite.

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