Omber still garbage huh

Like little tumors of worthlessness, these deposits spawn all throughout the glorious Amarrian Empire, taking up a spot where Jaspet could have spawned instead.


Last I checked, Amarr space had lots of Kernite, which has almost as much Mexallon/M3 as Jaspet and that seems to be what’s in demand these days. And you don’t need to find an anomally - any belt will do.

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But with Jaspet often comes Hedbergite and Gneiss.

If you’re looking for Mexallon, Gneiss is the place to find it. I was’t aware it was available in highsec anomalies and I spent quite a bit of time mining in Genesis a few years ago. Hedbergite, Hemorphite and Jaspet anomalies were quite common but I never found any Gneiss.

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Yeah that’s the one, Hemorphite.

Unrefined omber is getting the highest isk/hour ATM in Jita. It’s an anomaly, but still.