Looking for anomalies with Hedbergite and Jaspet

I came back to EVE after a longer break and wanted to resume mining ore-anomalies in high-sec but something has changed. It looks like they are harder to find. I go through the systems with my scanner open an find mostly only combat sites and rat-dens. All my former bookmarks seem to be useless.

Jaspet is no longer in highsec. They changed it so certain ores can only be found in highsec low or null. This was back in 2020 if I remember correctly.

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Thank you. I suspected that something was changed.

Jaspet ore anomalies can be found in low sec.

You need to go to lower security space. CCP introduced scarcity.

Jaspet is moved to lowsec sadly. Old Man Star system has daily public fleet for miners.

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