Hi-sec ore anomalies: veldspar only?

Ore anomalies sounded like a fun feature to me, but when I visited a few yesterday all I found was Veldspar. Did CCP remove all other ores (not just the ones that have been removed from hi-sec)?

If so, those anomalies are not for me.
I like to do a little mining now and then, and use the minerals to build stuff - cause I like to play that way (even though I might make more, mining Veldspar and selling it).
I’m not interested in Veldspar, cause I already have more tritanium than I have use for (again, I know I could just sell it. But that wouldn’t be fun to me).

I don’t suppose CCP will read this, but I made this post to try share that info with them.
I appreciate that CCP tries to encourage trade, and populate low-sec - but ore anomalies should appeal to a player like me, and they don’t.

The intent was to remove all ore anomalies from hi-sec, period.

Ore Anomalies

Hi Sec

  • Removed all Ore Anomalies from High Security systems.

If you are seeing ore anoms in hi-sec, that’s a bug.

Oh I see :laughing:
Ah well… silly me, I should have guessed, I suppose.

Thanks for clearing that up.


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