High-security ore anomalies

Since high-security ore anomalies contain the same ore as normal asteroid belts, making them redundant, why not change them into gas anomalies, since gas is so rare?

I believe one of the differences about anomalies is that the NPC mining fleets don’t go there. So you have a chance of finding at least something to mine even if NPC’s have cleared your area out.

(I may be wrong on this but recall reading someone complaining about NPCs stripping whole areas and was told to look for anomalies.)

There are ore anomalies in hisec? Expect those in starter systems ofc.

They should at least have diamond rats or something or the botters will thrive in them.

I still think there should be more gas instead.

Be careful what you wish for. Gas being ‘rare’ helps define its value.

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Puny rocks.
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Oh so with gas being more common the value would tank as it flooded the market.

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