Ore Anomalies in LS empty and not just once but like 10 times in a row (DT checked)

In some systems the ore anomalies respawn is completely bugged .
The anomaly appears on D-Scan, but nothing in it.
Once there was some medium jaspet where I live (LS) and the amount of available minerals was not only ridiculous but the roids were very distant from each other, go figure the pain…

Emptied it for testing purpose, anomaly was still here on d-scan, still present in the agency, and after few DT, still empty and never disappeared from d-scan.

Even the regular belts are empty during days and days

what’s going on ? do you confirm this issue too ?

thank you

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update: checking this issue 26/12/2020 after DT:

  • ore anomaly appears on D-scan
  • ore anomaly is EMPTY (again)
  • ore anomaly is mentioned available in the Agency, so pple go there and find… nothing.
    - no other ore anomaly spawn of any kind since weeks

no further comment, seems quite obvious

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I can confirm this is happening

You should just be faster to go to the ore fields and stop getting outplayed.

Checked 3 ore anoms jaspet sites, a couple of days ago straight after DT, 2 still had stuff in them, but alas not much. Managed to slurp it up.