What's with the ore anomalies in Low Sec

I’ve recently noticed that in LS in Factional Warfare space that the empty ore anoms are not despawning. I was wondering why this was happening as every anom I have been in despawns after last rock has been depleted. I’ve seen several discussions about this with no clear explanation. I don’t know if this is happening anywhere else in LS or other Factional Warfare spaces. It just seems odd that two of the systems have had the same two anoms in agency listed but are empty when you warp to it for two weeks now. Any insight would be helpful and wanted to ask here before I tried to submit a support ticket for something that is not a bug.

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A good trick if you don’t want an anom to despawn. Leave one small rock.
I’d use ore scanner, you may find someone just screwing around and there is a small rock somewhere there.

There are absolutely no rocks at all. Nothing in overview or on survey scanners.

Well in that case I’d submit a bug report. Or maybe a support ticket first, more likely to get some sort of response from them.


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