Ore anomalies re-spawn timers broken?

Monitoring 3 systems in Nullsec and the ore sites are not respawning. The same sig, the same rocks for 2 days, past 2 downtimes. Is this broken, or do I have to mine out the cheap rock and hope it respawns? I haven’t seen Spod or Gneiss in a week.

In order for new sites to respawn you have to completely mine out the old sites, so all the cheapo little rocks that are there need to be mined as well

And it appears they dont auto re-spawn at down time. Is that correct?

They do not, I know with combat sites you can farm them for up to 4 days by leaving an enemy alive then at downtime the site will reset but it doesn’t work with ore sites

Yes, you have to mine out the cheap rocks too. Most nullsec groups frown heavily on people that cherrypick “the good rocks”, because such cherrypickers are asking other people to mine only :poop: for days to have the chance non-cherrypickers can get to better rocks before a cherrypicker when the anom respawns. Tragedy of the commons. In practice, it means I relocate systems when I see a cherrypicker active, because I don’t want to be near their greed nor the petty drama that follows.

My recommendation is to just work from one side of the anomaly to the other side. It makes it obvious to others that someone’s been in the belt chewing on everything when the rocks are asymmetrically spatially distributed with a good type variety left.

I can see that as the plain Jane lowsec ore belts are not respawing around me either. Good job CCP.

came across a colossal anom, in Null<that didn’t de-spawn today. And yes, all the ore was removed. See what comes of that I guess… \o/

I write today 19/03/2022 after DOWNTIME and still 2 weeks after the first report the belt ore (Colossus / Enormus / etc.etc.) Does not appear in Null Sec. (Fade). But what have you FIXED ?! But CCP are you kidding? ATM blocking the renewal of the subscription. And don’t come and open to me in RUDE language! In any job if you don’t solve a problem after 2 weeks they send you home.

In software development and curing cancer they do not send you home if it takes longer than 2 weeks.

One of my fovorite sayings from doing time in IT is “Nothing is impossible for the person who does not have to do it.”

Your deflection/ rationalization for CCPs ongoing “murder by a thousand cuts” to miner industrialists is duly noted.

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