Can't find big rocks to mine in Nullsec Belts & Anomalies

Hello, I have a question - I wanted to go mining in NS yesterday and I can’t find any asteroids that are above like 8k m3 volume (which you can 1-2 cycle with strip miners, so its really annoying to needing to move around slowly/warp off and back all the time)
I checked multiple belts and anoms in different systems and could not find any bigger asteroids - I was looking for Kernite and Omber specifically… I’ve already asked some people from my corp and alliance and they dont really seems to have much of any idea to why this is so I wanted to ask here if anyone can shed soem light on that…
Am I just getting absurdly unlucky in finding some big rocks, do they just spawn like that for some reason or whats going on here - I really doubt it was just someone mining it out since I checked a multitude of systems which were spread across almost 10 jumps

More likely CCP has coded it to be a bunch of small rocks so players can’t do AFK mining.

The ores that refine into Isogen and Nocxium are available in low sec. The Omber and Kernite asteroids you find in nullsec are tiny and not enough to keep up with demand.

In nullsec you want to use the Ore Anomalies for larger ore. The Large, Enormous and Colossal will give you asteroids that can have upto 30,000 bistot in it. It will keep a Rorqual with excavator drones busy for a bit.
For those you need to have Ore Prospecting Arrays 1-5 installed in the IHUB to spawn/respawn larger ore anomalies in Sov space.

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