Mechanics re: Random Ore Spawns in High Security areas?

Been gone approx. 4 years, came back about a week ago and trying to relearn everything: I have bookmarks saved for spots I’d labeled as “Kernite Ore” and “Jaspet Ore” in multiple high-security systems, and when I investigate the spots there is nothing there currently…I vaguely remember that there was a mechanic/feature in the game back then where the ore would spawn at locations, and once mined it would not reappear for a specific period, and possibly the spawn locations changed also, but I do not remember…can someone knowledgeable in mining/scanning, etc. refresh my memory about this?

Is it still in-game, or been changed/deleted over the years? If it’s still in-game, please point me to wiki pages where I can re-educate myself a bit?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

There are ore anomalies spawning in high sec systems as well. These days they are anomalies, 4 years ago they were scannable exploration signatures.

These anomalies will spawn in random places in random systems at random locations.

You will see them on your probe scanner, but you do not have to scan them down with probes.

Leave your probe scanner open, fly around, and if there is an ore anomaly, it will appear. This is similar to finding ice belts.

i think you find them in “The Agency” too

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