Some Mining/Miner Questions

  1. Do NPC miners only spawn/mine in systems where NPC have stations?

  2. Why would NPC miners spawn in systems that don’t have NPC stations or an FoB?

  3. Why would a Low Sec systems surrounded by High Sec not spawn any Ore anomalies at all?

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  1. Apparently they spawn outside those systems, but nearby as well.

  2. Because they use gates, and they also use or spawn haulers. Just like you. Nothing wrong or preventing them from using gates.

  3. Ore anomalies, or ore belts? Ore anomalies are random and dont always spawn in any one system for too long. I believe all systems have ore belts though.

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Think not all I’m not sure but I stumbled on a system with no belts.

Only exception should be Jita.

Its possible that a belt has been completely mined out and cleared by other players. Otherwise, i dont think there is any system that doesnt have an ore belt.

No, there are a couple more I believe. In The Citadel. Not sure why - possibly they were popular mission hubs back in the day - but they have no traditional asteroid belts.

But yes, practically every other system has at least one.


You left out the most important question.

How much is a New order mining permit.

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