Why are NPC's strip-mining systems

Fasse is being strip mined by edencom npc’s … I can’t even kill the buggers. Why the hell is this happening? Is this supposed to happen? Why have asteroid belts in these systems if they are just deleted first thing in the morning? At least make them killable pirates (why does a miner have to take status hits just to mine…)

Good grief… fix this.


you can kill them.
Npc’s mine because npc factions need ships and modules too. Overall, it helps with keeping the market under control.


Do they at least move on at some point? Sometimes I don’t even see them before they wipe the belts out.

when the belt is empty. then they move to another belt, until the whole system is dead. You could be there before them, mine through them, kill them, or find another system for a few days.

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It is possible to kill them. You can even loot their wrecks for free ore and goodie crates.

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We can also scare them off without killing them just need to use a alt with a safe location aligned then shoot and run but make sure that alt is not in the same fleet at the mining barges.

Players wanted NPC’s to be more life like. So now they mine.

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The perfect MMO would be one without any other human players, and where NPCs would only appear when you spawn some through an interface after becoming ready to kill them.


I’m assuming if you kill them you get a rep hit with their corporation?

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Yes. It is better to have a combat alt to do it, who doesn’t care about standings.

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I will be starting on that soon.

Also killing the hauler can drop some strong box or something and/or ore or whatever. Though maybe that is in case of pirate FOB mining fleets / haulers so not 100% sure but at least they should drop ore I think.

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No-one asked for asteroid belts to be stripped by NPCs.


It probably comes down to EVE’s player count dropping. In order to keep the universe going, they added better NPC gankers as well as NPC miners.

What’s happening is that they are dumbing the game down, and as a result players are leaving, and now they are replacing human players with bots.

At some point CCP has to recognize that no matter how much carebears cry, its the PvP competition and risk which actually keeps players interested.

The more they box everyone into a safe creative build zone, the more people will get bored and move on to more interesting games.

CCP should just rebrand the game as a PvP battle royale, and trust that the carebears who uninstall will be replaced by PvP players.


Or, they could add a new type of NPC that has to buy plex every month to keep its account active. Since PLEXed accounts are more profitable to CCP than subscribed players, they can use these PLEXed NPCs to compensate for the lower player counts.

They could even offer like a brand tie-in marketing campaign, like PEPSI could buy a Venture, and Coca-Cola could buy a Venture, and then they could have a bot-off.

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tell the player base to become risky again. ccp didnt make players risk adverse.

Why would they want to take unnecessary risks?

Is it possible that due to the amount of players killing NPC pirates in the region, that the NPC’s need to mine more to replace their ships. This leads to more aggressive mining by the NPC’s and so by the time players get to the belts there is little or no asteroids left? Just a thought.

It could also be that the system of Fasse only has 6 asteroid belts to start with.