Hi-Sec Ore Anomalies

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I’ve got a decent mining fleet that I use, and to be honest it’s surprisingly turning a great profit even not being out in null for just a few hours of work each day.

That said, I’m always up for finding ways to add more bang for the buck. I’ve noticed Hi-Sec has ore anomalies that show up on the scanner similar to NS.

Are these anomalies worth the time of moving a mining fleet around to knock them out or is the worth of the ores in these sites generally only marginally better than a normal Hi-sec belt in a .5 system?

The anomalies show up in the Agency and seem to spawn more frequently than I recall from my mining days - there are half a dozen within 2 jumps as I’m writing.

A large Hedbergite, Hemorphite, and Jaspet is defintely worth harvesting. Small Omber - probably not!

most of the time when you arrive the belt has been cherry picked and all the good stuff is gone

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No they really are not, Veldspar, Scordite, Pyroxeres and Plagioclase are still worth more isk/m3. Jaspet is kinda nice isk/m3 (just below Veldspar) and it compresses fantastically.

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I would agree it’s not really worth it unless you need that or for building stuff. Concentrated veld has an isk per M3 of 222.25 plagioclase is far behind at 176.
You want to mine for money then mine veld only

Might want to check your numbers. Here are the values per mineral content, isk/m3.

I will check again today.
And report my findings.
As of 2 days ago 40k m3 hold still had higher value if full of veld.

You are correct I am wrong. Forgot to carry the 1 maybe ?
However that list you posted also seems to be wrong.
Base on rich plagioclase Vs dense veldspar:
Dense veldspar
Raw ore 257.2 isk M3
Compressed ore 273.8 isk m3
Refined into minerals 285.18 isk m3
Rich plagioclase
Raw ore 257.14 isk m3
Compressed ore 271.53 isk m3
Refined into minerals 264.62

I use smoothed 9 day averages to reduce short term market fluctuation. So the numbers may slightly differ instantly what you see on the market right now.

Plagioclase, Pyroxere and the almighty Veldspar are the only ores worth mining in highsec for money. If you need ores for production is a different story and all ores are good for you but if you wanna mine for profit only these 3 ores are worth mining.
Also dont forget to compress… compressed ore is substantially more valuable then regular and dont even think about refining for minerals, you will lose unless you have perfect refine which you cant have in highsec.
So… keep jugging that juicy veldspar and all the best to ya…Also… if you solo mine do skill up for an Orca… she is the queen of highsec solo mine and no barge/exhumer can hold a candle to a n Orca with a full set of augmented drones. You dont even need industrial command 5 or mining drones spec 5. Orca still shines with all at 4.

Thats just straight up wrong, do you math bro?

305.2m3 per drone per cycle. 15k Veld pulled in every 60seconds with all relevant skills to 4. I have some to 5 btw… My buddy pulls in 400m3 per cycle with his Skiff. Yeah… it is a bit better… but i can hold 250k cargo… he has to warp out every cycle or jet can mine. Overall Orca is supreme. If you fleet mine… fine, get a barge/exhumer but if you wanna be self sufficent in every way? There is no contestant. Orca mines like an exhumer, tanks like a capital and holds like a freighter. Its the perfect ship for the solo guy with ballz

You have to be actually stupid, the only way your buddy is only pulling in 400m3 per cycle is if he has like, no skills and is using a deep core strip miner with no crystal, and even then itd still be closer to 600m3/cycle. A barge with T2 modulated strip miners with T2 crystals does 1641 m3/cycle witht eh 3% yield implant and 3 MLU T2’s. total that would be 3282 m3/cycle for both lasers put together. Even a retriever will beat out an orca in terms of yield, the ONLY defense for an orca is the large capacity it has or youre using it as a booster

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