Which highsec ore to mine while waiting for a corp?

Hey folks,

I’m waiting to hear back from a couple of large corps about possible membership. In the mean time, I want to build up some isk for later nullsec and WH mining. While I’m in highsec, which is generally the most profitable ore to mine? I know the values vary, but is there one in particular that’s usually available and valuable?


High-sec only has the basic ores in the asteroid belts (veldspar, scordite, pyroxeres, plagioclase). Due to the prices of minerals, typically veldspar is 70% profit, and scordite, pyroxeres, plagioclase are 95 - 105% (i.e. about the same, depending on daily market fluctuations).

However, it’s possible to get “lowsec” asteroids in high-sec., if you use probes to find ore anomalies, or combat anomalies or sites that have NPC pirates to fight, but also asteroids all over the site. Or, certain agent missions might also have higher-quality asteroid scenery in addition to the pirates you’re supposed to kill. In fact, a couple of the career agent missions are like that, with several million ISK of kernite and/or scordite available. These sites are rare, and because they’re in high-sec, it’s likely someone else has taken the site already, but they provide some breaks in the monotony.

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OK, thanks for the advice!

Get into ice mining as soon as you can.

Afaik the most valuable HS resource if you are just flat out selling it as is.

For that he needs to make sure he logs in everyday right after maintenance, or the dreaded multiboxers arrive.

The price of ores is based upon the amount of minerals their refining produces, NullSec mining activity has a big impact on the HighSec market.
So Scordite has been the main target of HighSec miners for years for both Tritanium and Pyerite, but now it’s Plagioclase (totally neglected before) for the Mexallon in it.

I guess the next contender will be either Omber or Kernite when the usefulness of Isogen will be revalued, in some months or years.

Also worth mentioning that compressed ores usually carry a premium price that can be worth more than the minerals from refining that ore. Check your area for citadels that allow you to compress.

Omber is the best, after that goes plagioase. Good for Industry.

You sir are not very smart, or just a troll

You copied only part of my message. I said also that plagioase is good. I use these ores for Industry. If you sell ore, you are an idiot. I make Vexors and do 3 times the profit.

highsec mining, just no, please no…

I get you don’t enjoy it, but don’t let your tastes affect others, let others do their thing.

I do mine Carbon then sold it under the name of Charon, worth it.

Plagioclase and kernite are a nice deal nowadays. It changes within time, just use your brain and do your own calculations .


Sorry I meant Drone Nests.

Sorry I meant buy a PLEX and have fun in some ships while u wait.

Just don’t mine in hisec its bad for your health

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