Highsec Ore

Is CCP planning on making decent ore available in highsec? Use to be that moons gave us a good series of ore to mine. Now, we’re mining belts, and moon goo isnt really worth mining.


There is better ore. Just go to a edencom or triglavian minor victory systems and look for the major site.

Have you bothered looking at ore values per thousand cubic metres and what you mine in belts in highsec…

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It’s not worth it compared with compressible belt ores.

This is true and it completely screwed the economy.

You should check the value of Plagioclase, Pyroxeres, and Veldspar and then complain. Considering the relative ease of high sec belt mining there’s really not an awful lot to be upset about.

If you want ABC ores you need to take on some risk and get out from under Concord’s watchful eye.


I am aware of the belt ore values. However, for those of us that manufacture, there are some serious holes in what is available. Noc and mega are pretty hard to get decent amounts, if at all.
Currently, moon mining isnt really worth it. You get less value per m3.

Going to null isnt the answer, as I just came from null because I wasn’t happy with the politics. Spod was tiny in the anoms I was mining. a single person could easily take out an anom a day. There isnt enough, even with sov indy 5, for a decent sized corp or alliance to feed industry of individuals. The market reflects that, and it’ll be worse as stockpiles run out.

Adding null sec ores to high sec moons was a major mistake, one that has now been fixed.


Are you using proper high-yield ships like the covetor or hulk?

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Working… as… intended.

Areas of New Eden were always suppose to need to trade with each other. All that has happened is that some… careless game designers have been reined in some and we are getting back to Eve basics.

So no, you will not be able to easily source all materials in highsec ever again.


Its one thing to have to nerf something that wasn’t even in the game for very long as it was.

But to con players into paying possible RL money to have to put infrastructure down just to switch out what that infrastructure actually does, without even giving those players a chance to pull it back up because game mechanics all but assured that wasn’t easily happening. How is that not bait and switch?

I am not saying I was for the whole moon mining debacle, but the way it was handled, at least from an outside perspective looked like complete ass.

How many ways does that add up how CCP has had to nerf HiSec mining now?

  1. They nerfed the quantity of ore all asteroids in HiSec gave
  2. They added Npc fleets to mine the ores in Hisec so players had less because of having to compete with NPCs
  3. Bait and switch Athanors where they actually got you to invest, aka lose isk, and then changed the entire ruleset around them so you took a loss and did nothing to help those losing recover that loss by easily letting them recover the Athanors.
  4. They took any ore they could find out of missions to even further lesson any quantity of ore in Hisec.

And this is just the things that come to mind off the top of my head, i am sure there is more.

When you constantly attack someones playstyle and the only option you give them is “go to Nullsec” and play with people you don’t want too. Exactly how successful does that even sound? Good luck getting those players to ever return.


Then you mine what’s in front of you and you trade for what you still need. Just like all the high sec industrialists did for the first ~15 years of Eve. This is not a problem that needs to be solved. It has a solution.


Mine rakovene
It has all minerals except isogene and is worth more than most other ore

Edit. In highsec

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Isn’t this the case everywhere now, with the intention to encourage more trade traffic between the regions? I don’t think this ‘issue’ only exists in high sec.


Not when taken alongside Null getting all the low ends they wanted.
CCP has since reduced low ends in null significantly, though not entirely, which makes it a little better balanced,

Sell valuable highsec ore at market, buy valuable null Minerals.
This is the way it was done for many years, then CCP messed the markets up by giving Null too many low end minerals, which caused a high end issue in Highsec. That’s been semi fixed, so trade should be fine again.

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Is lowsec really that bad for ya?

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Great summary and I agree 100%.

:thinking: And I rarely ever agree with you.

Anyway along with all you listed, CCP also added FOB’s and Triglavian NPC’s to nerf high sec mining even more. CCP also nerfed the content of Ore Anomaly sites as well as their spawn rate too.

It isn’t your answer.

And it should be like that. Why don’t you understand this?

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How do you think we did it before moon mining?

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And yet production ploughs on.


I did not play prior to the moons were a big thing.
I rarely see people slide backwards and call it progress.