EVE Resources Realigned: New Ores and Moon Mining Reduction

Looks like Rattati and Psych are finally back at work on the desk to put substance behind their claims from 2 years ago. These new ores look like a first step at how they want to manage the economy in a more hands-on, manual manner with targeted resources. And then maybe also a step towards their plans for dynamic resource distribution.


fascinating as always…

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Ducinium is a rare, nearly indestructable metal so how are we mean’t to mine that one?


do what you want, but not at someone else’s expense and against someone’s will…

Try an AutoHotkey script, I hear those work really well these days.

Free translation from ccpeese into simple language (a cheeky prediction based on many many instances)

  1. more stuff to get from lowsec
  2. less stuff to get from nullsec
  3. no stuff to get from hisec
  4. more skillbooks
  5. more crystals and their blueprints maybe if they’re really nasty

In other words, it’s not because a few slices of carrot were thrown to the masses in the last half year that the stick isn’t about to whack you on the head again, as a reminder that the beating commences when the PCU picks up, lmao.

I hope I’m 100% wrong in the predictions. Sincerely.


It’s almost as if CCP is making mining less of an afk activity that relies on concord/null alliances. Isn’t that what the miners said they would LOVE to happen, making mining more engaging?

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I don’t remember seeing any Mining players say that…

But I do remember seeing a lot of PvP oriented players say that…

As for the OP and that Dev Blog…


Surveys conducted by four Upwell signatory corporations have revealed fields of novel mineral-rich asteroids in close proximity to type A0 blue stars across New Eden.

Ducinium - contains deposits of Megacyte
Eifyrium - contains deposits of Zydrine
Mordunium - contains deposits of Pyerite
Ytirium - contains deposits of Isogen

So now CCP plans to re-seed the Ores they previously removed from High Sec space… in a limited amount… in specific systems…

Sure wish they’d stop messing with the game, reminds me of speed freaks, constantly starting something new and never finishing what they previously started…


You hurt its feelings so it breaks apart then you collect the pieces and bring them to the refinery. :wink:

Who are you even talking to? And what does that have to do with mining?

So here is an interesting challenge - is there an easy way to collect a list of the A0 stars where the new ores might start to be found ?

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Why couldn’t just add these ores to PI and call it a day, or how about allowing PI tier 0 materials to be refined into higher tier materials in a refinery complex.

yep, look up the old Triv invasion war data, im sure its somewhere still on reddit or try google to find it

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This may answer your question: EVE-Triglavian-Invasions/star_data.zip at main · jrslagle/EVE-Triglavian-Invasions · GitHub which is in csv format.

Found that link via the impressive article by Mr. Slagle at Which Solar Systems are the Triglavians Invading in EVE Online? | by James Slagle | Medium (which debunked the propaganda that “Triglavians prefer young blue stars” completely).

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Isn’t the game all about tracking, recording, analyzing and processing everything about a person in real life? All this, of course, is happening without his consent and despite repeated loudly expressed objections.

I would call it illegal mining, although illegal colonization fits much better in this case…

should also be mentioned, the constant forcing of various behaviors on this man, by regularly and intensely attacking his senses by creating artificial events that are woven into his life, and total control of all his network devices…

interestingly, all this has been happening since the birth of the “chosen one”, and at the moment he is a middle-aged man…

of course, everyone gathered on this forum, including you, are well aware of everything I said here, but I am fully aware that no one will comment on it, alternatively negate it …

^ here is an answer to my observations, to avoid any connection with what I wrote, it was written in a different topic, additionally it contains a clear intimidating element confirming everything I wrote here…

Time to hear from everyone who never mines.


I’ve got the feeling that with a 25% reduction in moon mining yield, all ships that requires the stupidly complex x-x Trigger Neurolink Conduit components will go up in price. Might be good for those who get the pirate ships from LP store and bring them back to the market. Time will tell.

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This is a quick list I’ve pulled together of all the affected systems in K-Space, hopefully accurate but it was a bit of a hasty job.

Details hidden because the list is quite large.

List of systems with A0 type stars
Region System
Aridia Pahineh
Black Rise Rohamaa
Black Rise Teimo
Branch O94U-A
Cache I-2705
Cache 4S0-NP
Catch HY-RWO
Catch MB-NKE
Catch OGL8-Q
Catch EX6-AO
Cobalt Edge 5E-EZC
Curse CL-1JE
Curse V7D-JD
Curse G-0Q86
Deklein GY5-26
Deklein N2IS-B
Deklein O-2RNZ
Delve T-IPZB
Delve 0-HDC8
Delve 7G-QIG
Derelik Yishinoon
Derelik Futzchag
Detorid Z-2Y2Y
Detorid O5Q7-U
Detorid SY-UWN
Detorid G3D-ZT
Devoid Sosan
Devoid Ohide
Domain Knophtikoo
Esoteria DIBH-Q
Esoteria R-ARKN
Esoteria IR-FDV
Essence Hulmate
Essence Seyllin
Essence Atlulle
Essence Caslemon
Etherium Reach JAWX-R
Etherium Reach QBZO-R
Everyshore Jaschercis
Everyshore Aydoteaux
Fade FIO1-8
Fade K4YZ-Y
Feythabolis TSG-NO
Feythabolis D6SK-L
Feythabolis M-CMLV
Fountain L-1SW8
Fountain LBGI-2
Fountain CHA2-Q
Fountain C-C99Z
Fountain 9D6O-M
Geminate Y8R-XZ
Geminate HJO-84
Genesis Keri
Great Wildlands 7Q-8Z2
Great Wildlands SL-YBS
Heimatar Vard
Heimatar Endrulf
Immensea DY-P7Q
Immensea FN-DSR
Immensea AF0-V5
Immensea DW-N2S
Immensea Z8-81T
Impass NUG-OF
Impass 4OIV-X
Impass YALR-F
Impass GZ1-A1
Insmother 5IH-GL
Insmother 8EF-58
Insmother G-EURJ
Insmother VD-8QY
Insmother SHBF-V
Kador Munory
Kador Askonak
Kador Koona
Kador Jakri
Kador Miah
Khanid Molea
Khanid Moniyyuku
Khanid Geztic
Kor-Azor Jinkah
Lonetrek Elonaya
Malpais 863P-X
Metropolis Polstodur
Metropolis Aderkan
Metropolis Egmar
Metropolis Turnur
Metropolis Barkrik
Molden Heath Oddelulf
Molden Heath Osvetur
Molden Heath Hrokkur
Molden Heath Varigne
Molden Heath Weld
Oasa LA2-KV
Oasa 7-UVMT
Omist 7-8EOE
Outer Passage 9Z-XJN
Outer Passage YC-ANK
Outer Passage 2WU-XT
Outer Passage V-SEE6
Outer Ring CT7-5V
Outer Ring 3HQC-6
Outer Ring TQ-RR8
Paragon Soul 5-CSE3
Paragon Soul G1D0-G
Period Basis TPAR-G
Perrigen Falls XU7-CH
Perrigen Falls C3I-D5
Placid Alsavoinon
Providence SI-I89
Providence H6-CX8
Pure Blind ROIR-Y
Pure Blind KQK1-2
Querious H74-B0
Scalding Pass F-5FDA
Sinq Laison Carrou
Sinq Laison Rancer
Sinq Laison Stetille
Sinq Laison Misneden
Sinq Laison Stegette
Stain I-3FET
Stain KP-FQ1
Stain ZG8Q-N
Stain UF-KKH
Stain EAWE-2
Syndicate UFXF-C
Syndicate 6E-578
Syndicate 35-RK9
Syndicate 57-YRU
Syndicate VV-VCR
Syndicate U0V6-T
Syndicate DUV-5Y
Tash-Murkon Jarzalad
Tash-Murkon Mimime
Tenal NV-3KA
Tenal 2-3Q2G
Tenerifis ZD1-Z2
Tenerifis JK-Q77
The Forge Vattuolen
The Forge Outuni
The Forge Ahtulaima
The Forge Hentogaira
The Kalevala Expanse BM-VYZ
The Kalevala Expanse RAI-0E
The Kalevala Expanse D-6PKO
The Spire JLH-FN
The Spire B9EA-G
Tribute GIH-ZG
Tribute PNDN-V
Tribute QFF-O6
Tribute F-749O
Vale of the Silent VI2K-J
Vale of the Silent Y0-BVN
Vale of the Silent KRUN-N
Vale of the Silent U54-1L
Venal EK2-ET
Venal 6ZJ-SC
Venal H-PA29
Venal Z0-TJW
Venal 9-R6GU
Verge Vendor Gisleres
Verge Vendor Vaere
Verge Vendor Eletta
Wicked Creek U104-3

Problem is that quite a few of the systems you list are higher than 0.5 sec, eg all three in Verge Vendor, so moons there are not mineable.

If I’m reading it right, the new ore types will be added to asteroid fields, not to moons, so I’m not sure if there will be sec status limitations. Moon ores will continue to be a source of T2 products but the total yield of moons will be reduced.