Mining for Eve Newbs (Not just Mining newbs with Omega and Procurers for dayz)

I looked down the topic list here and kept seeing where highsec mining was dead or dieing but when I start reading some of those I see folks talking about Omega ships and it really left me wondering just WHY folks with that level of experience are looking at Var, Scord, and Plagio in the first place…but to each their own I reckon.

For me? I’m about a week into Eve Online as an Alpha clone. I completed all the Agent Missions after the tutorial(HIGHLY Recommended) and have tinkered with some other Agent missions before settling in to Mining. Ventures are REALLY cheap to buy and fit out for basic work. I spend a lot of time in .8 through .6 areas grabbing Plagio and its variants that can bring in ~500K per load which isn’t bad at all considering. Last night while working the paying job I pocketed alittle over a mil an hour just grabbing plagio, finding the highest bidder in the market, going there and selling it to them.

Any other Newb Alphas working the mining trade? Wanna share any secrets? :wink:

As an alpha you can gas harvest as well, in WH space you find these sites and all you need aditional is a scanner, is more dangerous but far more profitable.

Moon mining provides much more then just plague and veld.

Hemorphite and Crokite for example can be mined in .5 space moons.

Get hooked up with a corp. Theres plenty of high sec mining corps with great places to mine to get you started.

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just stating the obvious, so please pardon me in advance - being omega does not take experience nor necessarily mean the person has experience with the game. :slight_smile:


Veldspar is currently the #3 asteroid ore in the game isk/m3. Spod is #1 followed by Gneiss (which just retook #2 from veld). Scor and Plag are both more valuable than Ark, the past king of ore. The last few weeks has also seen Croc regaining some its past glory moving into the #4 spot. HS moon mining really flipped the values of ore on its head.

oh, we have 400 moons in HS and are recruiting :smiley:

Thousands of Rorquals in nullsec called, they wish to discuss this matter with you…

While HS moon mining certainly made it easier for highsec groups without nullsec acces to get nullsec-only ores and minerals, the highsec mineral output is nowhere near nullsec. Check the MER from November



as has been mentioned, ninja huffing wormhole gas is about the most profitable use of your venture… yes, you might be ganked (usually by players if you do the ninja part right), but one load brought home will pay for a few ventures.

You will of course have to scan your WH gas sites but if you learn to hack too, you can also make a pretty penny from Nullsec relic and data sites in Class 1-3 WHs (it’s the ones with a pirate faction name in them - they don’t have rats). Same here, a few good sites can easily net you a few 10M and will pay for a lot of T1 explo fits…


Right right…I get that. I’m just not to the point (community exposure, commitment, or frankly financially) to jump to Omega just yet. :wink:

I need to go to YouTube university and learn more about Moon Mining!

I have a couple things that are preventing any kind of Corp involvement at the moment. First, Corp kinda feels like “gaming clan” to me still and while I know it isn’t the same thing in my head…the heart feels what the heart feels. I’m sure I’ll get there but not just yet. Besides(and Second), I’m kinda enjoying building the “ATS” empire all on my very own. Feels kinda Firefly…ish. :wink:

I get wanting to solo, but as a 13 year player and this point, I’ve rarely seen solo players make it in this game. I’ve talked to many, and watched the eventually log off permanently. There are plenty of alpha corps out there, this game is heavily based on social. But to each their own.

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