Null sec ore anomalies

So am i misunderstanding when ccp said they were doubling the amount of resources in ore anomalies? 0x2 is still zero. I went into a colossal anom in null and there literally like 12 rocks and zero low ends. It contained ark, bistot, and a single crokite rock. The asteroid belts in our null systems have pryroexes… nothing else.

So my question is when are minerals in anoms actually coming back?

I don’t believe they are.

Redistribution was always part of the plan, I think as part of creating conflict drivers, increasing inter-regional trade, etc.

Reality is, it just pisses more people off than it pleases, so numbers will continue to drop.

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If that is the case… how does that help anyone? No one is starting a conflict over veldspar.

There is no point in holding space if there is nothing in it.

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