Nullsec mining anomaly rebalance


I’ve been thinking about ways that nullsec mining could be balanced to prevent alliances from sitting in the same system mining all day while rewarding those who utilise more of their space.

My first proposal would be to change the way sov null anoms spawn:

Instead of just having an Ihub upgrade, there should be an upwell structure that can be anchored, which has a chance of finding an ore anomaly in a system. The higher level ore prospecting array installed the larger the anomaly it can find.

This could be implemented as an athanor service module, or as an anchorable structure.

Further to this, there should be a system index, similar to the bounty risk modifier, that decreases as more mining occurs in a system, and increases over time. This system index would affect the chance that the upwell ore anomaly scanner has of finding an anomaly in the system.

I would also suggets that asteroid belts are removed from sov null (not npc null).

The intended effect of these changes would be to make mining in a single system or pocket unproductive on the long term, requiring alliances to coordinate which systems should be mined, and requiring them to make good use of all of their space.

This would also give the more dangerous systems a bonus, since less people would be willing to mine there the quantity and quality of ores would be greater.

This would punish players who hit the same system too often and reward those willing to risk moving from system to system.

CCP must love you. the whole idea of making SOV and system ratings worthless has been part of the recent change history. somehow we are supposed to maintain infrastructure, but also move around a lot. utter nonsense. just like moving a mining fleet around to satisfy a need for no risk content. for what its worth, a significant number of industrialists have already left NULL (read the MER) over this. Ice bets respawns reeks of what you are suggesting and has been highly negative. As of today, some regions have had fewer than 2 ice spawns a week. hard to fuel stations without ice.
All in all, i cant see any positive aspects of your motives whether indy or PVP. its just another complicated mechanism (insert DBS / ESS here) to give pvp players more targets at the expense of lost industrial base in NULL.

When we eventually get dynamic ore, i imagine it will work much like the DBS.

I get where you’re coming from, I’m a miner myself. I think ice is currently too low, my suggestion is for something that doesn’t react instantly, but rather if you have lots of people hitting the same system for a week solid, the amount of ore will start to decrease, then regenerate over time when it’s left alone.

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