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i had a drunk discussion yesterday with some friends and we have 4 Ideas for nullsec, how to break up current constructions, make owning unused space less attractive.

Please don’t hunt me down for this idea :slight_smile: It’s just a thought and not meant to offend you… so keep calm.

1. Capital System
Where is your alliance capital system right now? You don’t know? Yeah because its usual pointless…

  • Make I-Hub upkeep costs depending on the distance to the capital system. (by jumps)

2. Border-System
Power Blocks like XIX or WinterCo tend to take more space, then they actual need to keep neutral entities off their own space and player base. If they face a serious attempt to attack their space, they say “We don’t need it”.

I would love to see an border system like they mentioned in the Keynotes.

  • The longer your border is, the higher the upkeep cost for the border IHubs is supposed to be.

For example, in order not to favor regions like drone regions (very compact), the increase could be calculated by the number of gate connections to adjacent systems with a different SOV.

3. ADM Changes / TimeZoneTanking fix
To prevent big alliances from simply creating Holding Alliances for their SOV and fix Timezonetanking, the ADM - System needs to be changed.

  • The ADM only increases if the Miner / Ratter is part of the holding alliance.
    Maybe the ADM only increases while mining / ratting within the vulnerability (discuss?).

4. Structure TimeZoneTanking fix
Remember the POS fuel reduction in your own SOV in 0.0?

  • 15% Fuel Reqiurement reduction if Structure is in own SOV and Timer is in System Vulnerability Time.

This is aswell positiv for smaller alliances to counter the increase of ihub upkeep costs in Idea 1 and 2.

Expected Result:

  • Each alliance would hold as many systems as it can actively manage. The higher costs would make it unattractive to hold space, to prevent unwanted neighbors from moving in.
  • No ADM Ratting in unused Space
  • Smaller Alliance wouldn’t be affected by upscaling increase of I-Hub Costs since Structure Fuel price reduction.
  • Bigger Alliances would be affected by upscaling I-Hub Costs. (Has to be good balanced)
  • No TimeZone Tanking for SOV and less TimeZoneTanking for Structures.

I know many Players are part of big blocks and probably hate any changes, that would affect their gameplay negativly. But deep in your heart, you are looking for fights against other fleets. Open SOV Nullsec for Groups with less than 1k Players.

As i mentioned before, i probably haven’t thought on anything but i would love to hear your opinion.

Can’t be worse than how CCP plans.


There are some players from sov null around here, but we have a significantly lower concentration than reddit. So, as much as I hate to tell anyone to go to the armpit of the internet, you might want to post this there if you want to persuade anyone/get feedback.

Also, you might think that the fact that your post isn’t getting a lot of attention is a bad sign, but it’s not. It means that your ideas are not so obviously terrible as to illicit a bunch of criticism.

But if you’re feeling left out, I can give you a warm forum welcome…


Let me explain, and I’ll be sure to use small words so you’ll be able to understand. All of your ideas are terrible, you obviously have a cognitive impairment, and your momma is so fat that she shows up on d-scan.

■■■■ you, and your fedo,
Shipwreck Jones


Uff, do i have to match that small word language you seem to speak?

SFU Carebear, you have more kills then braincells on your kb.

Non-Small Word Lanaguage

Thank you for your Feedback.

Mabe ■■■■ idea, mabe not. Who cares.
At least someone has taken the time to try help move the game forward.
Nothing wrong with that.

No hair ! Keep getting drunk, keep having fun !

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