Changing Lowsec?

Heres my take on what changes would really help the game:

The region that most needs shaking up is definetly LowSec.
It’s completely unintreesting for economie exept gate camping the main trade routes to grief noobs. Faction warfare is outdated and the Capital blobs are just as bad as they are in Nullsec.
It’s barren waseland.

  1. Ban all combat Capitals from LowSec.
  2. Allow Bubbles and Bombs
  3. Get rid of Gateguns
  4. Redesign of faction warfare
  5. Allow Alliances to gain protector status (not sov but kind of sov) and be payed by the empires weekly for watching over their Systems
  6. No more than one constellation can be protected by one alliance

It’s laughable to run over the most active player base in Nullsec while an entire region is barely used at all. This would implement reasons to live in Low and a much more clear path of progression for PVP players as well as creating an environment for SubCap only fights.

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Just banning supers (and capitals?) would have been enough but then you went and spoiled your suggestion:

There is NPC null for that.

Eh? Thats a very non-constructive thing to say, on par with “fix your game” suggestions.

Thats what Faction warfare is for. You do good - you get benefits.




Well whats the incentive to live in NPC null?
There is nothing worth bubbleing.

Redesign as in make it worth while. I didn’t want to go into too much detail just outlining my general thought but here you go:
More types of battlefieds restricting things like ship and fleet sizes to create even scenarios.
Timed events like taking down/defending structure X for your NPC overlords.
Strategic orders to lay siege on System X for your NPC overlords.
Escort/destroy the empresses Titan on it’s way from x to y.

Just some thoughts and really the big deal is getting rid of Caps to have an environment for Sub on Sub PVP only.
Maybe that by itself would be reason enough for some to move there.

So it’s just free money? What do you even have to do to get this status? Do you actually have to actively police the area?

All capitals can do combat, aside from industrials, so it’s just banning all caps.

Most of what I see in this suggestion is just “make lowsec into nullsec but no capitals”, which is alright, I suppose. Most areas will instantly be dominated by large alliances still, just only that they can’t drop caps on anyone that does anything.

Yes, hunting criminals and enforcing Concord law could be a thing.
Gain the status by taking over some sort of ihub from hostile empire.
Have the Empires state strategic goals for their war once a month or week and make pay outs depend on that, similar to how incursions get payed.
Im shure theres a lot of things that could be done to keep this dynamic and intersting for smaller and medium alliances, hence restriction to max one constellation per alliance.

(Jump)freighters and Rorquals can stay imo. Just no Carriers, Faxes, Dreads and Titans.
Yes, its pretty much Null without caps what got me thinking about this. Enable a different kind of combat wich current FW fails to achieve.

Some alliances are partnered with other alliances, which means that they can take multiple constellations in your idea.

The “objectives” thing I am not sure about, since there are some lowsecs that are practically never involved with FW or even if they were, are never contested. Oftentimes these systems are right in the middle of an empire’s space. Having big “war goals” in these systems would feel kind of pointless.

Those are valid points but shurely theres something that can be done to make FW more engaging - it’s just some random ideas of mine, not like i think thats tho only way of going in this direction.

Actually now that null is fixed to a degree, more people should be going to lo-sec after they finish crying.

As to your ideas it just seems like you want lo-sec to become exactly like what null used to be and that would be pointless as the risk would be way to high for the reward.

I do agree FW really does need work. How I have no idea, it is one area that I looked at years ago, realised it was too complex and did not bother

just remove lowsec. make it npc 0.0
lowsec is not needed anymore.

Of course it is needed. Where else are all the people from null who think not having local means null is WH space meant to go?

to hisec ^^ Sir.

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Restricting fleet size or ships to make things even is not a good idea. People get left out and they quit. Wow style battle grounds need to stay in WoW.
I also don’t like the idea of banning Caps from low sec. I know that people tend to drop caps a lot but so what both sides dropping caps usually makes for good fights. Some people bait with caps some people bait with caps some bait with subcaps, fishing is about what you catch.
Low sec is about FW and yes it needs to be fixed. The first step to fixing FW is the LP store. they aren’t equal in anyway. FW needs to have a bigger impact on the systems that are controlled. Before citadels if the opposing faction controlled a system you had no where to dock that made controlling systems matter. There needs to at least be something a long those lines. And since CCP wants to change taxes have any structure in an area that is owned by someone not involved with the faction controlling the system, be taxed. Tax every service the structure has and taxes are paid by the structure owner. If a random corp drops an athanor in caldari fw space the owner is taxed for the value of the rock it mine, for refining, for the clone facility, and for exporting minerals…

The fleet size restrictions really should not be everywhere but it’s something that could be done as some sort of regular event.
Abyss offers 1v1 Cruiser combat - nice but not enough.
I know it doesn’t really fit the Sandbox logic to stage things like that but those absolutely are the most fun fights i’ve ever had, only almost impossible to get…

No, go away.

Yeah, sorry brother, that’s not going to get players into Low Sec.

Remove tax from Low as it doesnt really pay for anything?

I know LowSec as much as a noob does but having read a fair bit about it, your suggestions make sense to me.
Thanks for posting them.

Terrible suggestions, and not surprising since it is pretty obvious OP is a high sec care bear.