Gankers, ishtars in nullseс, and something else

  1. Make the damage from sentry on the gate in highsec at once on all ships that attack peaceful pilots (current damage sentry but not on one ship and on each), it will allow pilots Freighters not afraid of 30-60 destroyers.
  2. Remove aggressive mode for drones, instead add 5% - 10% damage to them.
  3. Reduce the duration of Astrahus (Raitaru, Athanor) reinforcements by 1 day.
  4. Remove the ability to use filaments in Pochven from nullsec and lowseek.
  5. Why Phoenix uses subcapital launchers with subcap torpedoes, and at the same time turret dreadnoughts from subcap cannons shoot capital ammo? Make turret dreadnoughts from subcap cannons use subcap ammo, that would make sense.
  6. Armored logistics are represented by rodiva, zarmazd and nestor, shielded ones have nothing like that, make a shielded battleship logi.
  7. Make a small delay of display in local chat (1-2 minutes) jumped into the system pilot in nullsec.
  8. Increase the cost of loot from Upgraded Avengers at least to 50kk isk from one.
  9. Revert the wormhole animation and sound in mass-crit.
  10. Make in the sound settings the ability to adjust the sound inside the station (citadel) separately from other sounds.
  11. Make it possible to pull in a individual window broadcasts fleet.
  1. Why? No.
  2. Why? No.
  3. Because rapid torpedo launchers use large (not capital) ammunition.
  4. Not needed (adjust your world level).

Sound settings should be further enhanced in the direction of greater customizablility - I remember when we had tons of sliders, but CCP decided to shorten them to the current state which is laughable shame!

Delay of local could be a small step towards the complete local chat shutdown in nulllsecs - we can start from here.

Yes CCPlease remove usage filaments from null. No more escaping bastards.