Capital modules, drone upgrades and abyssal mutaplasmids

Why this super awesome stuff does not relate to capitals, carriers and fighter damage.

I really want expensive quality stuff for my carrier. Drone upgrades should get some love from ccp in way of mutaplasmids.

CCP pls in your next expansion add augmented fighters and capital + drone mutaplasmids.

carriers have no goal beyond super, make it worthwhile, new goals, new highs. Add that next step for the carrier.

dreadnaughts can get abyssal weapon upgrades, carriers want them too

Oh ya, lets add capital modules to instance space.

Great way to ■■■■ up the game even more.


Buffing fighter damage would mitigate the past pacthes where fighter damage aplication have bren nerfed. It would be completely counter productive to the balance goals set by ccp.

Altho, an really expencive augmented fighter could be cool, but they would need to be “glass cannons”. Bulky enough, that they coulden’t speed tank null anomalies and pricy enough that a coalition carrier fleet woulden’t field them. But as a curriosity or a show of golden balls they would be prety nice.

E: when looking for the next step for your super carrier there are always officer mods, aim for them, some of them even increase your damage quite substancialy.

It would certainly need to be balanced accordingly, for example 50k powergrid and 50 cpu, a hefty trade to upgrade fighter damage.

Carriers, and to a lesser extent drone boats, have on-grid damage projection unlike any other ship. CCP has always been a bit slow to release full module/modifier diversity to fighters and drones, and I suspect this is why.

I’m not saying “no”, just that if it ever does happen it’ll have to have been tested to hell and back, and you probably shoudn’t expect mutations quite as powerful as you get for turrets/launchers.

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