What's the point of E-War fighters?

(Soldier Forrester) #1

Dromis, Sirens, all of them are purely anti-subcap and make capitals oppressive capable of working independently without any support, supers still have remote bursts bubbles/webs etc working pretty effectively if executed right, without NSA tacklemods can be fitted to midslots anyways, which seems like a good trade-off.

(Arc Hammer) #2

they are oppressively capable of using their invincible support fighters that have millions of EHP and are extremely hard to kill to singlehandedly destroy subcap fleets filled with dozens, if not hundreds of pilots! plz nerf!

(Sepheir Sepheron) #3

Caps should shoot caps. That is the bottom line that has been circumvented and caused all this nonsense. Remove HAW and remove NSA. Change fighter missile volley to capital weapon sig.

That or add XL dps capabilities to subcaps.

(Soldier Forrester) #4

Well, the power of new-age capitals compared to subcaps is indeed frustrating, this T2 fit Minokawa (for about 1 bil after insurance) tanked our 8 +2b Leshaks over an hour until he ran out of stront.

Cynos and capital drops don’t start escalating fights, in almost all cases they just stop subcap engagements.

I wish CCP went through with the proposed fax changes, linking one of our BRs in the last devblogs does not justify their power in any way and did not honor us. At least Leshaks are a step in the right direction to create more in-between classes filling the power gap.

(Fluffy Moe) #5

Pretty much this.

Either super nerf supers, make it so caps can shoot only caps or add XL weapons to sub-caps. Or just divide the whole map, make whole portions of LS / NS / WH completely unusable by caps, like half of available map.

This is the point where we are at.

(Beast of Revelations) #6

Bunch of moron cap haters out to ruin the game. Caps only shooting caps is about the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard with regards to game balance, and I’ve heard some stupid ones.

I’ll keep testing the winds to see if there’s some critical mass crying for this change, as with battleships before. If so, I’ll be out, and nobody can have my stuff either.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #7

You know they have too much power to deal with even for battleships. Like yeah they should be pretty much invulnerable to light weapons but as it is there’s no real counter except a blob or other caps. Maybe don’t nerf caps but buff large subcaps?

(xHxHxAOD) #8

u do know ccp has stated that carriers are ment to kill sub caps right

(Beast of Revelations) #9

They don’t care. They hate capships. They’ll keep on until they get them nerfed out of the game.

(xHxHxAOD) #10

thing is carriers aren’t hard to kill what before bosuns it only took 30ish canes to kill a titan

(Soldier Forrester) #11

“easy to kill fighters”
https://zkillboard.com/kill/72637494/ damage taken: 94000 before resistance

On top of that they are crazy fast, capable of speed tanking almost all guns while they orbit far out of web range. Their HP recharge is no joke either, just to do what? Tank havens?

(Beast of Revelations) #12

All ships in the game should be considered PvP ships. PvE usage should be secondary, auxiliary, incidental, whatever.

But anyway, yeah, the fighters are easy to kill. It’s why I stuck a rig on my carrier, because I was tired of them getting one-shotted and blown out of the sky. Still easy to kill even after that though.

(Andrew Indy) #13

Carriers and dreads are no the issue. Its FAXs that break Subcap fleets.

A 20 man bomber fleet can happily kill a Carrier if it has no support (Falcon to jam fighters), add a FAX and you need 5-10x more . Hell was in a 80-100 Man gang on the weekend with about 50% Ravens and support from 6 dreads. Still could not kill a single FAX (It was very bling though from previous kills), Dreads popped very quickly.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #14

My favorite part about this post is the salt considering just how bad carries are outside of a blob.

To answer the question ecm fighters are pointless the point and web fighters are huge and the energy fighters are rather meh but not as bad as the ecm.

All fighters can be shut down with only a few flights of ECs even after the change so you should really only use the broken weapons know as HAW for all your sub cap needs. They also take less sp and cost 1/2 to field compared to carriers

(system) #15

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