Hot Dropping Shenanigans?

I’m not the oldest player in the game but not the newest. I started my real venture in 2012 in EVE. I did play on release but that was very short lived and didn’t like the game but I returned in 2012.

I’ve been playing a bit off and on and I’m at 90m SP. I have really only lived in null sec since week 2 of playing. To this day, Eve is my favorite game. Well, until now.

So it’s common to see game economy rise in almost every game. The longer the game is out, the more people have to spare for their own pleasures. So it’s only reasonable for nearly all the older players to have capitals ready at hand for big cap fights. Which I think is glorious and some of my favorite fights have been in capitals.

However, there is an issue at hand for any small sized corp trying to make it somewhere. Normally people make corps/guilds/groups or w/e you call them to start playing with friends and expand from there. But Eve is a different beast. Small new corps trying to explore Low/Null pockets within high sec get obliterated in these pockets. Which is to be expected. BUT, To be dropped on by Carriers, Dreads, and Motherships jumping into a system in a sub cap, well IMO, this is absurd.

I’ve recently left null sec to go to high sec with some friends to try out other ventures of eve. Such as missions, High sec mining, an so on (Man, what a joke.) But I’ve noticed something in high sec. Low Sec “Pirates” If that’s what you call them are CARELESS with their caps. And I mean ABSOLUTELY careless. Dropping caps on frigates, and various other sub caps. But no1 will do anything at all. Because it’s too far out of the way to bring caps to do anything. Not that anyone has to do anything about it, but more so to get content.

I’ve lived in null my entire eve career, hell, even I wouldn’t take the time out of the day to go to a low sec pocket connected to high sec for a few cap kills. HOWEVER, if they would increase the jump range on caps again… Well, I may actually consider this lol.

The issue I see at hand with capital ships is simple Anti-Sub Cap fits. Dropping caps at any notice on sub caps. Boy I remember you didn’t tell ANYONE you had caps, because you were to damned scared PL were gonna drop on you while they were “cap hunting” . Need a cap kill? Talk to PL. lol. Now I didn’t own caps back then and I’ve only heard the stories of PL then.

What would happen if Caps had the Anti Sub Cap guns removed? Had their jump range increased by at least 25% from the original 50% it was reduced? And caps were used for structures and other caps mainly? I enjoy small gang and solo PvP a lot. But it’s almost pointless unless you are in null sec, due to crazy amounts of hot drops from capitals.

Perfect Example of what I am talking about.

All for a confessor… This is common apparently. (BTW if you want cap kills, go to teshkat lol.)

Anyways, I’m just curious on what everyone’s else’s NON ELITIST opinions are. Take the 100m+ SP attitude away and think of the game in a whole. Do you feel this meta is discouraging to new players coming into a slowly dying game? How does everyone else feel about capitals use now compared to the past? Should it be changed? I’m really curious.



Believe me, ARTON are not careless with their caps. They are part of a greater group and know exactly what they are doing in the low sec areas of Domain, Tash-Murkon, Devoid and others.

Their control of the region is superb. No doubt about that. But why cap drop on everything that enters?

Can Ad Dests not carry cynos?

Because of one of the most basic reasons for doing something in EVE: They can, and no one contests them. It’s fun for them and they don’t care about others at all.

Fair enough lol. So back to the OP, should caps get worked on? Changed at all?

I think capitals are fine. The next step beyond normal capitals is what causes more issues. What would help in your particular case is another group that engages them and contests them. Or in other words: More people using EVE.

lol, the population has dropped a lot since I started. It’s actually upsetting, I’d hate to see the game die. Lots of time invested into it.


It’s a classic case of one versus many, or “bringing a knife to a gun fight”. If they had shown up with other ship types would the fight not have been much different.

So you need to bring more people. And the moment you bring more might you turn it into a trap for the hot-droppers by baiting them with a solo ship and dropping a larger cap fleet on them, making them the ones who didn’t bring enough ships.

Don´t go to Teshkat. The inhabitants like to kill stuff. There are enough pretty dead lowsec-systems in in amarrspace. Just sayin.

Also… PL is right now pre-occupied with not loosing their main income…

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It’s called a No Fun Doctrine.

If you have no fun when you roam their space (because you just get your shit pushed in by a cap blob) you won’t roam their space as much. Which in turn raises relative security.

Move to a wormhole.

Problem solved.

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Increase jump ranges and people won’t use their caps and you’ll see NS shift dramatically.



Capitals are very good atm… they got a big weaknes if you know how to fight them. And they are strong if you know how to use them :rofl: but they can be killed by a small amount of organized pilots

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Also wondering, if they are easy baited into dropping caps, why nobody farms them …


I hear these complaints a lot. I really don’t understand the issue. The complaint boils down to “people with [INSERT ONE OR MORE OF: higher SP, more ISK, more wherewithal, bigger badder ships] are jumping me and my group of friends, and killing me.” It’s no different than if you load up some MMO RPG and get jumped by some level 100 wizard when you are only level 10.

I just don’t get it. There should be ‘big bad ships’ for us to work up to and aspire to. And we should be able to use them once we arrive at them. When the day comes that those ships are nerfed, made useless, taken away, etc., that’s the day I stop playing Eve.

Look, every time I go to low sec, I run into some gate game with a bazillion pirates sitting on it. I’m literally dead before I even know what happened (I have to read the kill report to find out what happened). What should be done about that? Is this any different than being hot dropped by capships?

And no, I’ve never flown a caphip, or hotdropped.

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Well, as a small corp it is your choice if you want to join an alliance that has the numbers and ships to counter capitals dropped on you.

It would be easier to move them farer in less time. That would increase the range for potential targets of capital pilots and by this rather increase chances of hotdrops happening. I don’t get why you want to buff their range but complain about gettung dunked by them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No. When they reach the point of getting hotdropped, they are usually hooked already.

Yes, but that’s EVE for a while now. There are several reasons for it, not all of them may apply at once.

First off, Capitals are cheap. Even with imperfect skills they offer a lot of oppressiveness in many situations against most subcap-targets. There are exceptions, but those can be avoided.

Then, players upgrading to Capitals can be somewhat similar to why they join really large groups. They’ve taken it in the face by better players for a while, they’re tired of losing, tired of the smacktalk afterwards, tired of people pointing at their killboard. They don’t know how to become better pilots, so they go where the success is more easy accomplished: large group, larger ship, more controllable pvp situations (like camps etc.).

It’s not only Capitals though, but they are one of the few ships that can use their own jump drive to enter combat. The gatecamp-killmail you’ve posted is a classical example. One guy has the eyes for incoming and the Arazu at standby, the others are semi-afk on Discord and if a target enters +1, everybody gets ready to undock. Tackle, Cyno, Jump, Blap, Jump Back, Dock up.

I think this mixture of how hard “real” PVP is combined with how cheap Capitals are, combined with how most people avoid combat, combined with how easy it is to avoid combat, combined with how tedious it is to find interesting fights outside of a very small number of areas, leads to many people doing that exact same thing.

Anyhow, that’s how the game is for a while and the mechanics kind of give an incentive for many people to become risk averse, either by avoiding combat altogether or by chosing the safer ways of PVP, that guarantee green killboards without too much effort or skill. You could also look at economic factors for an explanation. People that live in areas where any kind of wealth generation is pure grind, are maybe more likely to be risk averse.

Actually I think the “Elite” players would somewhat agree with you on certain aspects.

It pushes them into joining the largest groups before they’ve learned to stand up for themselves. Or it pushes them to stay in highsec. Or it pushes them to leave the game, after they realize that the role CCP gave them is that of cannon fodder for older players, who would leave the game out of boredom if not for the occasional frag on a newb. Some new sis/bros don’t follow the push, they do things differently and that’s great.

I’m not sure wether those mechanics are bad, because they sure have a bad influence or if they’re actually good, because they produce a small amount of hardened new players, who will have a great time in EVE.


EVE is absurd at times. Basically every game out there is to some extend. Stuff you can find in open world PvP can be the worst in the gaming world.


CCP needs to end the practice of allowing account holders use real world money to finance their in game activities. How can they ever claim to be interested in balance in any way shape or form when they allow the ultimate imbalance of a 6 day old character being able to operate an officer fit Gila simply by entering a credit card number? If players had to actually support themselves in the game financially as was originally intended, the over use of capital ships as well as paying account holders suffering poor server performance due to the ridiculous super capital blob warfare that coincidentally coincides with every ddos attack would end.