Carriers In High Sec

Noob question here, but i was contemplating looking at getting a Carrier for PVE, namely rats and Encounters & not pvp or attacking players, Any reason why they can’t be used in High Sec? I know some players would use them against pve or afk players as any mmo/pvp would be but for players like myself who has zero interest in that kind of behaviour, any idea why its not allowed? saw its only allowed in 0.4 space and lower. I figured a carrier would make ratting a breeze especially high levels

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Theres no definitive answer that I am aware of, as it was a very old change.

You’ll get opinions forever. Mine is: Risk vs Reward. Everyone who hunts capital ships in lowsec now no longer has gameplay. Can just jump capitals safely through high sec and out to null directly. Goodbye, PvP players.

PS if you are wondering where the pirate players are in high sec, they went the way of the Dodo bird for similar reasons (CCP changing mechanics that made their gameplay impossible).

Without fail the historical arrow of changes has been less PvP and more PvE and everyone wonders why the game is stale now.


That sucks, was planning on getting a carrier for pve

Just do it anyway, find out the hard way.

If you want to do it safer, join a group that supports capital gameplay. Capital ship gameplay is not for people to do alone pretending other people don’t exist in the MMO — especially capital level PvE, which is a niche activity for capitals as their primary use „in the meta“ is PvP. Wormholes are somewhat an exception, but not really.

You can try to do it alone, but you’re almost certainly going to get jumped, and at that point you have multiple characters and can multibox PvP yourself out of the situation… right? Right?

i can’t multi box, i only have the primary account omegad

In which case, capital ships are probably going to wind up as a hilarious killmail. Capitals really do kind of need a second account.
Join a null group and do pve under their umbrella and with cyno beacons you can jump to.
Or a lowsec group that runs level V missions.
Or a wormhole group, but they tend to use Dreads, not carriers (except for rolling incoming connections), and most tend to be pvp focused.

Ah ok, nah i just wanted to do high sec combat sites with the carrier, might have to find a battleship or battle cruiser and fit it as a drone carrier

Dominix or Rattlesnake would be the picks then.

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You are not alone, many of us HS players would love to have the larger ships available for us to play with.

But, sadly, there are arguably good reasons.

The carrier represents a huge skill and isk investment and is used as an incentive both as a long term target (less so since injectors though) and to push players out of HS and into the groups of players that constantly need fresh meat. Having ships players can only use if they leave HS is essentially one of CCP’s many attempts at a carrot on a stick.

Carriers are big, they need big stations to be made in and dock. We can no longer, and for good reason, have XL structures in HS due to market abuse from the larger null sec blocks. After much contention and bribery bizarrely It was in fact largely thanks to some of the big groups like the Initiative and the Imperium leaving the arrangement and bashing the TTT that we got this outcome. This was and is a good thing.

Another argument is they would prove to be to much of an advantage against other players, i.e. so much damage/tank. Even if you have no intention of aggressing other players with it other players will want to aggress you. They would be quite hard to kill by other players. Lot of HP for a gank, many many many ships would be needed, I am not sure if even in 0.5 sec they would be able to get enough ships to do it before Concord end the fight. CCP want players to be able to ruin your game and mess with you and are always designing the game with ways for other players to destroy your stuff.

However, there is a very limited number of players in EVE that do have a capital “permit” for HS space, one being an old miner that used a dread to mine HS belts many many years ago in the days before dedicated mining vessels and the space pope Max who has a FAX. They have very strict rules they must follow or they will lose that right and the dreads would be moved by a GM out of HS forever. For example they are not allowed to fit weapons. They are normally only undocked for special occasions/event anyway.

If you do just want to mess about in a carrier, see what its like, how fighters work etc etc then (when its available) there is a test server. You can log into that and buy a carrier for 100k isk. Its a drop down selection in the bottom right of the launcher. Singularity is the name.

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No longer an option.
SiSi has been down for a while and the latest announcements from CCP indicate that it will remain offline except for specific mass test events.

Oh yeah, i didn’t think of the construction side, just would be nice to pve.oh well, will have to retrofit a battleship for a similar role then

Yeah thanks. Sucks we can’t use them in HS really, i understand they want players in low or null but for pve players, things like that doesn’t interest us especially with the gate campers always waiting in teams, guess they lack the skills to do it solo

I’d suggest finding a Corp and getting out of hisec. It’s a very small and insular part of the game.
If you want to experience more of EVE, you’ll need to get out from under the CONCORD umbrella.
Plenty of good null and wormhole corps out there, just a matter of finding one that aligns with your goals.
Personally, I have no issues with the lack of capitals in hisec and think it’s a good policy.

Yeah just not interested in pvp hey, Mostly the reason i left gta online, got tired of the griefers

Try it, it’s fun :slight_smile:

I hate to be the bearer of this news, but this is a PvP game at its core. This is CCPs words in the New Player FAQ PDF (see the „8 golden rules“ thread), not mine.

Furthermore, there’s really no such thing as a „PvP player“ nor a „PvE player“. The only people who consistently make up this distinction are people who live in high sec and don’t want to PvP. So you’re only reinforcing stereotypes here.

I strongly urge you to reconsider some of your base assumptions about this game, easier to do while you are new.

This is another one of those „please reconsider before running your mouth“ moments.

The reason gate campers, gankers, station campers, etc need multiple people and multiple accounts are because over the years CCP has catered the mechanics to the endless whining of „I don’t want to ever PvP“ folks.

The mechanics of blockade runners, nullified shuttles, MWD+cloaked T1 industrials (with core stabs) are such that no single-account newbie pirate is really going to ever succeed in catching them and getting loot. Essentially, Eve online is at its safest now for folks that want to haul as it’s hard to make a mistake doing so. CCP has put an end to the „newbie pirate“ idea and forced them to buy a lot of accounts or group up.

This is like a theme park saying „you must be at least this tall to ride“. Except instead of 2 feet tall you need to be 7 feet tall. Only the naturally gifted, most wealthy and highly skilled folks remain. Gone are the days of you being able to survive a gate camp because, again, there’s no single account rookie pirates anymore that aren’t gifted, poor, and lowly skilled (and they’re the ones that would make mistakes and cause you to live through the experience).

So the reason multiple accounts are needed is because the skills to multibox PvP are needed. Not in spite of the skills. Needlessly dissing on these players without understanding the context comes across as very negative. As this begins to approach the „I am very moral, pirates are literally evil IRL people“ kind of insufferable mindset a lot of pacifist high-sec-only players have (which is toxic af). Please don’t turn into one of those.

Let’s see if my memory serves me correct as the change was a long time ago to pull capitals out of HS . The problem was they were being built in HS space and then undock to be able to cyno jump into LS , as in this time they could not use the jump gates.

Some people started using them for pvp in war dec situations . Then more people started doing this . Then they would get a large number of them built in the same system and wreck havoc on everything in the system including concord and all other players . They were effectively shutting down entire systems for however long they wanted to , because nobody could bring anything in that would be enough firepower to take them out. This was because of the fact you cannot light a cyno in HS space.

The ones that are still in high sec can stay and be undocked , but as you said they cannot have any type of offensive weapons on . So like Chribba and his veldnaught are safe as long as they abide by the rules . There are a lot more capitals in HS than most people know about. Most are just sitting in hangars collecting dust in accounts that are no longer even active.

I hope my history lesson has been enlightening , and correct for the most part .

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cyno and dec?

cool story, a long text to try prove a point, not all is playing it as intended, you may enjoy pvp, not every player will

Cyno = Cynosural Field. It is how capital ships move via jump drives. If you take a capital ship through a stargate, it will be dead very quickly.

Dec = Wardec = War Declaration. A way to have “legitimate” PVP in high sec.

I am trying to provide the game’s culture and mindset to you. You don’t have to accept it, but since it is a PvP game at its core, PvP will find you. In any area of space (high sec included). Regardless of anyone’s feelings.

I’m attempting to bridge the cultural gap here to help prepare you, but if you’re just going to dismiss it, I can skip.