HighSec Cap?

Whats with the Ninazu thats been docking and undocking at jita for the last week or so?

Some people have capitals in highsec due to legacy reasons (and the occasional one that got moved back to a highsec station due to patches, etc.) - there are very strict rules about what you can and can’t do with them - basically anything other than showing them off is prohibited.

Interesting, thank you

Specifically they’re not allowed to affect the game in any meaningful way. So you can’t PvP in them or do any kind of significant PvE, and if you do anything in violation of this you get force-moved to the nearest Low-Sec system.

Basically they just mine and get shown off, and occasionally people try to gank them.

This ninazu was a carrier with triage module previously and CCP changed such carriers to FAXes, so this is how this relatively new capital got into highsec. Rules for capital ships left in High sec:

probably some rich bastard with nothing better to do, i do the same thing 2 hours before downtime with my nyx