Capital Ships not allowed in Highsec?

Im just wondering if Capital Ships (except Freighters) are somehow not allowed in Highsec or only “not used”. In their Attributes and Descriptions there seem to be no restrictions to highsec, and Im wondering what prevents them to come to highsec? CONCORD?

Not allowed, stargates won’t let them through and you can’t use cyno’s in highsec. There are a few player controlled capital ships in highsec that have been grandfathered in from a long time ago (Chribba’s veldnaught being the best example I know of) however they can’t travel between systems and will get kicked out by a dev if they are ever caught fighting.

Some people mine in them in HS. Bit unfair as code can’t gank them, code should be allowed to fly dreads in hs… hahahaha

There are Capital ships in highsec, but they are legacy from when Capitals were allowed in highsec.

Cynos cannot be lit in highsec and Capitals cannot take gates into highsec. So there is no way to introduce further Capitals into highsec as they can’t be built there either.

errr CCP can do as they wish. :confused:

Yes, but a bit of common sense suggests he isn’t asking about what CCP can do, but rather, what we can do as players (and CCP don’t bring capitals into highsec either).

Has anyone tried to get a capital into highsec using asset safety? In principle, invoking asset safety from a stationless and isolated lowsec system should move your stuff, including a capital ship, to the nearest station which might be in highsec. Or are you not allowed to do so between security bands?

Edit: Indeed, asset safety is locked to the security band:

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